On this day, in 1991, Linus Torvalds first announced Linux to the world, in the comp.os.minix Usenet group. I had written a tiny bit of code in that code: the string formatting parts of the kernel logging function printk.

Today, that code (with changes and improvements by other people) runs on billions of devices, on all continents, on all oceans, in orbit, and on Mars. Possibly other places.

@liw printk is usefull still for HelloWord in kernel module programming...

@liw Wikipedia has you down as taking Linus to see a talk by RMS in '91; I'm trying to think when RMSs talk in Manchester was, probably a bit after that; Owen Leblanc (who introduced me to Linux in about ~92) had organised it; I remember it as a strange mix of computer and legal people there.

@liw I was just looking at printk messages last night while trying to figure out why the i915 driver wasn't working correctly on a little fanless Jasper Lake N5105 machine! Thanks for that, absolutely invaluable tool.

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