I recently (a few weeks ago) stopped running my own mail server and pointed my domain at Fastmail.

I ran my own mail server for about a decade. I stopped because I got tired of having to deal with the issues around spam filtering and small servers. My server didn't have a *bad* reputation, but it didn't have a good one either, just because a one-person email server doesn't send enough mail.

Something to keep in mind for folks exploring reputation-based antispam mechanisms for the fediverse.

Usability nit that's pervasive in open source documentation: Shell commands that include the prompt. We tell new users to copy-and-paste the command, people do that and include the prompt, the error messages are as opaque as you'd expect, and people bounce off the project for completely avoidable reasons.

@aymswick sorry, but I don't accept follows from Librem.One due to their lax policies around moderation. Please feel free to re-follow me from an instance that doesn't permit racism or transmisia.

Policing is not about forcing the people to obey the powerful or about protecting the pride or political position of those in power.

Police forces do not, of course, exist in a vacuum. A police force can't fix all societal problems on their own. Likewise, fixing a police forcee can't be done without fixing the underlying societal problems.

A fucked up police force mirrors a fucked up society.

But killer cops need to be stopped now. That's an urgent problem. The rest will take time.


TL:DR: memory unsafe languages have unique problems (use-after-free, out-of-bounds memory access, buffer overlows) that are the cause of at least 65% of all security problems in large projects of millions of lines of code.

It's better to use memory-safe languages.

This weekend I made a program that coordinates other programs: as soon as one of them quits, it tells all the others to quit too. I'm kinda proud of the name I gave it. github.com/jameysharp/pact

helo. it is caturday. it seems like lots of people are having a hard time right now, so am here to keep you company if you want. *sits near you*

When participating in social #protest, consider having your mobile devices switched off, in airplane mode or leave them at home to avoid being caught in dragnet-style #surveillance.

Keep them off on the complete journey before and after. If you must use your mobile, be diligent in your efforts to protect your #privacy:

- Encrypt your device
- Have it pin-locked
- Disable #biometric logons
- Disable #Bluetooth
- Disable location services

#GeorgeFloyd #Minnesota #uspol #Georgia #Michigan


I'm up late again. Can't sleep thinking about everyone out there making themselves heard and seen.

I miss my chosen family in the Twin Cities. They're scared. They need love. I respond to 2:30am their time messages of sickened shock because what else would I do.

Make it through the night ya'll. Rest your fighter. They need you tomorrow.

*taps mic*


Fellow white people, thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

Racism can only come from someone in a position of power. For so-called reverse racism to exist, a marginalized group, a group that repeatedly has its rights, including right to life, violated, must somehow be in control.

So shut up about how sometimes we have a little less privilege than we've been used to, OK? That's not oppression, that's the scales beginning to tip towards the right direction for a change.

How can we avoid rockstar culture? 

@liw that shit is hard to do these days when flatscreens are screwed to the wall...

A periodic reminder that you should back up your own Masto account by downloading your archive

I'm not posting this for any particular reason other than that it's good to make backups and sometimes servers just go down

Fuck Microsoft. They take FOSS work, both technical and conceptual, without so much as attribution; they collaborate with the police and ICE; they destroyed the personal computing market almost singlehandedly.

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One law for everyone. Not one law for people not in power, and a loophole for every powerful person.

We are looking for experts of specific #VCS, #package formats, and development #forges to fund in order to expand the coverage of the #SoftwareHeritage #archive.

If you qualify and are interested, read on and submit an expression of interest via the form linked from this post:


When a US President claims "We will strongly regulate, or close [down social media websites]", it is vindication that decentralization is an important tool for #freespeech and #privacy.

#USPOL aside, this is an unheard of direct proposal to censor voices in America.

Please learn ways to obfuscate your location. Use encrypted messaging systems and more trusted platforms.

~ Be kind.
~ Be reasonable.
~ Help others learn how to protect their rights.
~ Contact your members of Congress.

Do any of my highly-affable, genius librarian friends know where I could find data on the number of books that are "out of print" for given timespans?

And I doubtquote that phrase because I anticipate that it may have several competing definitions, and I am bracing myself for the uncertainty.

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