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I’d like to help others make better free and open source software so I’m making this standing offer: I’ll review a project's README for free. If you're interested, follow the link below. If you know of someone who might be interested, send the link to them.

Best phrase today: "atmosphere cancer" instead of "global warning". From Seth Godin.

Due to Reasons<tm>, I don't have a lot of time I can commit for this iteration. I'm not abandoning the project, just sorting out some life things.

hey pals how do i make a good document? what's a good structure for having people contribute to a project like #gotosocial? There's no money in it. (well, I make 3.25 euros per week but I'm willing to share).

I assume there are guidelines and established ways of doing these things?

boosts welcome

spell check: 1. an activity reserved for experienced magic users for safety reasons 2. something writers do a lot

Today is a good day to say this: Live long and prosper.

Testing open source patch review processes to see if malicious patches get passed is a perfectly valid thing to do. It's similar to testing that airport security catches weapons in hand luggage.

In both cases, it needs to be done with the consent of the people doing the work.

Still churning through the flood of README requests from ttwo weeks ago, when the offer was posted on Hacker News. It'll take a while for me to get through that backlog.


Finnish constitution. Section 13 - Freedom of assembly and freedom of association. - - - The freedom to form trade unions and to organise in order to look after other interests is likewise guaranteed.

Awesome news! I received a CAREER award from NSF
to support new work to understand the relationship between community lifecycles and governance in a range of digital public goods. I'm excited, grateful, daunted, and grateful. Here's my department's writeup:

I would've tagged that with , but ran out of space. Sure I did.

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My latest start up venture is all about making deployment faster. Currently the developer needs to save a file, commit to version control, and wait for CI to build, test, and deploy. I've developed a Linux kernel module that extracts the file contents from the in-memory buffer and conveys it to the production servers without any interaction needed from the developers. You can't believe how much faster it is!

Currently supporting Emacs, JetBrains, and vim, with support for VS Code in the works.

Fibre installation in practice

QT timmay2: Trenching with a Ditch Witch c16x. 750mm deep trench for fibre ducting through private land that will soon connect the next handful of homes in rural Kent.

#kent #rural #fttp #bduk #gigabitvoucher #b4rk #jfdi #fibreiscoming #ditchwitch #trenching #gabocom

Just had a coworker ask me about the he/him pronouns in my email signature. She was really excited that putting pronouns in your sigfile is something you can do! She has a gender-neutral name and is frequently misgendered.

I don't like magic in computer programs I maintain. Just saying.

TTOTD: name all command line options and configuration settings in a positive sense, not a negative sense. Thus, "--build", not "--do-not-build". Understanding "--build=no" is easy, but "--do-not-build=yes" takes unnecessary mental effort and is easy to get wrong.

Or do I mean "--do-not-build=no"? Don't want to think that hard.

We have a program that verifies that software works, and using it to verify that it works against older versions of itself. Codeception. My brain is broken.

I want Bash to support "set -euo popefail".

You say your automated test suite passes? Excellent!

Does it pass 1000 times in a row?

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