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ad; commercial Rust training 

I offer a training course in the Rust programming language: Basics of Rust. It’s aimed at corporations and aims to get the participants to a state where they understands the basics, and can learn more on their own. See the page linked below for details. Contact me if you or your employer is interested.

We're running some user research! Do you want to help us get to know you and understand how you listen to podcasts?

Then please complete this short form (<5 minutes):

You can let us know on there if you’d be happy to take part in an interview and help us learn!

It's been a few years and I feel it's safe to say: removing the feed icon from browsers was one of the biggest net-negative impacts to the decentralized web we've seen

Time spent to try to find out the extra, spurious period I found while proofreading the blog post: about 100 seconds.

Time to remove the spec of dirt from my monitor: about 1 second.

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I released v-i version 0.2, my unofficial, non-interactive Debian installer.

If a program has a configuration file, especially if it's not really simple, it would be really nice if the program provided a way to check that the configuration file is OK, and to show the actual, effective, interpolated configuration the program is using at runtime.

These things would make it easier to debug things.

I just released version 0.0.13 of

This release adds support for importing password protected private keys to a card.

Oh no some of #gitlab's own dependencies have a 1 year gap in their commit history

The first I found is seed-fu.

Don't worry gitlab, the project is hosted on github, so you won't nuke your own dep. lol

Part of our work at Endless OS is around the usability of the GNOME desktop, guided by user testing. We're looking for test subjects for a 1-hour session, who are tech-savvy experts—e.g designers/developers, animators/…—with exposure to various devices & platforms. Bonus points if you're based near someone in the team—e.g. London—so we can put a laptop in front of you. Ping me here or to if you're interested!

NFT joke in Finnish 

NFT = Nyhdetään Fyrkat Tyhmiltä.

("take money away from the stupid")

I documented parts of my adventures hunting for a CI system.

It does not have a satisfactory conclusion. Actually, it is very depressing.

It is also very personal, and will not help anyone else evaluate CI systems, unless they have similar requires and workflows as I do. There are a lot of CI systems out there, and I'm sure most of them are quite fine. Our goals just don't seem to match up too well.

I will describe how my ideal CI would work & look at a later time.

BTW: in case folks reading this have a cool FOSS project that needs funding, please be aware that we have a deadline for submitting these tomorrow (August 1st) noon.

Don't feel intimidated - it is really light-weight to submit something (you can do it in less than an hour if need be).

Have a look at -

A nice thing about tools that are consistent so that every operation they can do is one in the same way is that you need look less at the manual.

With inconsistent software, you need to look at the manual a lot more.

rant; home Internet routers 

dnsmasq does DNS, DHCP, and is generally speaking an almost complete solution for a "router" providing access to many machines in a local area network. By default, it automatically maintains a local DNS populated with the hostnames of DHCP clients.

It was first released in 2001. Twenty one years ago. It is solid, reliable, highly regarded free software.

In 2022, I don't know of any commercial "home routers" that use it. Instead, they just suck.

These scientists tried to grow human vocal chords in a petri dish.

The results speak by themselves.

Transparency in everything, except bathroom doors.

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