Finland bought its first supercomputer in 1989, a used Cray X-MP. It has 4 vector processors running at a bit over 100 MHz, 128 MiB RAM, and 38.4 GiB storage. It was used for predicting weather and scientific research.

My phone has 8 CPU cores at up to 1.8 GHz, 3 GiB RAM, and 192 GiB storage. It's mostly used for reading books and bother other people.

Controversial take - back in 1989 people still knew how to write code properly, now you need a processor the size of a planet to tell you what day it will be next Monday!

@LearnTribe @liw Writing code that way doesn't scale and isn't maintainable, though.

You sacrifice efficiency in from the sand and electrons PoV for the actual rare resource, brain time.

@LearnTribe @liw

Counterargument :

The number of people who know "how to write code properly" is about the same now as then, when they wrote probably 1/3 to 1/2 of all code.

The demand for code being so much larger today, most of it has to be written by people who don't.

@liw Your phone has more cores than my desktop from 2011. It has 6 cores at 3.7GHz, 16GiB of storage, and 8.5TiB of storage, It's still used to play stuff on the TV and as a data hoarder box

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