@liw Oh, yes! This sequence so perfect 👍
Thanks again for helping on the typo/proofread yesterday evening.

@clacke @liw Hilarious! And what a performance from Odetta + Harry Belafonte!

@liw @davidrevoy I was writing some tests for software in Go. A Go library I used in those tests has a bug that turns out to be an upstream bug in Go itself so I end up trying to patch and bootstrap Go, but it needs to statically link so I can use it in both Musl and glibc setups, so I end up having to write a big shell script to set the cflag vars properly, and i then get a linker error, so I switch the linker to lld, and it turns out that compiler-rt for Alpine isn't complete so I switch the host to Void and rewrite everything for it, and my CI service doesn't support Void so I backport all the Void stuff to Alpine...wait what was i doing again?

oh right i was changing a lightbulb.
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