I use both the US keyboard layout and the Finnish one. My keyboard's physical layout is the US one, and it's rather more convenient for writing English and code. However, sometimes I need to write Finnish or Swedish, and so I use the GNOME keyboard layout switcher to switch between them.

If I forget to switch back from Finnish, I invariably have a few moments of panic, when I suspect I've had a stroke, or have inadvertently drunk a bottle of vodka, when my computer doesn't obey my keyboard.

@Dashtop I don't have enough sanity points to survive that.

@liw I'm wondering if "inadvertently drunk a bottle of vodka" is an excuse specific to Finland, or if it also occurs in neighbouring countries.😎

@bremner I don't know if it happens anywhere. I do not, let me repeat that, DO NOT admit to anything. Besides, it was in the 90s, and there were no sober people present, and you can't prove anything.

@liw Just in case you weren't aware, there's an "eu" layout in most Linux systems, where ä and ö are accessible via alt gr, but otherwise it's pretty much the us layout. It has saved me a lot of trouble switching between layouts. ( has a picture of the layout)

@neon Yes, I know. It doesn't work well for my physical keyboard.

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