My code now runs on two planets and in space.

@liw personally I'm waiting for the NASA 2038 Mars Consolation Rover For Open Source Devs Who Feel Left Out Of Not Getting On a Real Mars Mission Even Though They've Got Code In Space Already Probably But That Was a While Ago And So It Feels Passe To Us Now And Also A Laptop On the ISS Is No Big Deal

It will boot up into linux on the desktop and then crash into a boulder due to 32 bit overflow and something in pulseaudio acting up again, but not before all our code gets to run on mars too.


@liw Will you do an onsite callout if someone asks for it?

@penguin42 @liw I can imagine the bug report: "rover is failing to uplink kernel oops due to kprintf issue"

@liw Congratulations! If you don't mind me asking, what code?

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Lars and friends