Every manpage should have an EXAMPLES that shows how to do the very basic, most obvious thing with the command line tool or library function.


This, plus sane defaults. The world would be a better place.

Extract a tarball? What the hell is zvxf doing?

It should be
tar file.tar
To extract it to a directory named ./file

It should be
tar <file or directory>
To create a tarball.

This is just one maddening example

@liw i use tldr for this, community maintained, ppl can add own examples

@liw bro whats wrong with usage: upfuckulate [-anSjks109PqQяΩ⾎𒁆] <arguments>... bro

@liw every command should HAVE a man page... (rant**2)

@liw Also, context. Why does the thing exist and how does it work with other tools. I always write manpages, these days usually in markdown and use #pandoc to convert them. Example:

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