Anyone have recommendations for self-hostable calendar servers? Link below has a list, but am looking for experiences using or hosting them.

@liw I use Nextcloud for that, but it's a pretty big hammer if you just want a calendar server

Honestly, all calendar servers suck. I tried a list of calendar servers and the one that annoyed me the least is nextcloud, which I use to this date.

@liw I also run NextCloud, for calendar, contacts, and notes. It's great. Not sure if I would use it if I were *only* looking for calendar, but probably.

@liw I've been using Nextcloud for about a year and I love it. If there is a weakness it is in lack of integration g calendar our outlook can achieve by scale. For everything else, though, it's been pretty much perfect.

@liw I used to use Davical and it was a pain to use and it became slow. Since I switched to NextCloud I have been happy.

@liw on top of what others recommended, i would take a look at and, but i haven't tested either

@liw I'm using Nextcloud's calendar server, it does everything I personally need (but that's not much). For calendar only, Nextcloud is overkill, but I'm using a bunch of other nextcloud things, so calendar is merely a nice addition to those.

@liw i used before i migrated to easy setup, easy usage, no problems. but if you already have a nextcloud or might want one for the other features, that's also a good choice

@liw I've been using Nextcloud for a while now, calendar works great! File syncing leaves something to be desired, but calendar and contacts: 👍

I ran radicale for a while and it worked well. No problems integrating with modern calendar apps, though my console based calendar (calcurse) didn't sync up correctly. It was pretty easy to configure and secure.

I'd be running it now if I hadn't migrated to Nextcloud for some of it's other features.

@Lars Wirzenius @Doc Edward Morbius ⭕

Hubzilla has integrated CalDAV/CardDAV and WebDAV servers.

Incidentally so does Zap, but in that case the ability is well hidden so as not to completely freak out non-techies. This turned out to be a serious problem we discovered when integrating them with Hubzilla.

If you require these services, you'll find them ready and waiting for you to use. If you don't, no big deal. Besides the personal cloud storage that's perfectly integrated with your social network privacy and access control, I also use these to sync my Thunderbird (mostly) and Outlook (when I'm forced to) tasks and events from work.

In either case these components are basically zero maintenance. They're just part of a well rounded fediverse experience.
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