I wrote an alternative Debian installer. It's a toy, but you can read about it on my blog.

Important bit: "I dream of a future where I can install a bare metal machine as easily as I can create and configure a VM."

@liw welcome to the alternate debian installer club

I'm the founder but also a recent member.

@joeyh It would be a fun hobby, except I keep having fights with grub and grub-installer. Pretty much everything else is easy.

@liw yes, 10 foot pole should be deployed to carefully manipulate a 100 foot pole

@liw This looks great! Any chance you are thinking about what it would take to make this work on ARM? Would be really cool for building RPi (Raspbian) or Armbian systems.

@liw @joeyh @KnowPresent debootstrap works very well, but it is a pain to install boot loader for some specific machines.

@liw hey i'm writing an installer too! funny that... cc @joeyh

@anarcat @joeyh It's becoming the currrent fad, clearly.

Where can on find more information about yours?

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