In an international context (e.g., company that works around the globe, or a free software project with participants from several continents), what's the right date format?

The results are in. I made a blog post to comment on the poll.

The important bit: It was a bit of a trick question. Sorry. The
first two options are both unambiguous as to which part is day, month,
and year. The last two are entirely ambiguous, and require contextual
information to interpret correctly. Thus, even though the third option
is closest to what I'm used to from my own culture, I think it's
utterly unsuitable in an international context.

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To me, option 2 isn't quite equal to the others. It's like writing "two" instead of 2, and something I could easily see coexisting with either of the other options.

@unixsmurf I will reveal my opinion (and therefore the correct answer ;) in about 22 hours.

@liw Ah these Americans and their "charming" quirks! 😅

@liw at least everyone agrees 12/13/2019 is NOT a good format

@liw I am going to ignore the poll options¹ and instead bellow "EYE ESS OH EIGHT SIX OH ONE" out of a megaphone for a few hours, "OTHERWISE IT'S NOT A DATE, IT'S JUST HANGING OUT"

¹: my excuse is that mastodon.el doesn't display polls yet

@liw A purely numeric form (disregarding punctuation) also means you don't have to localise the month name.

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