My friends on IRC are discussing how realistic Star Trek is. The thing that's least realistic is video conferencing, which always works. That's just not possible.

Teleporting? Fine. Warp drive? No problem. Holodeck? Easy. Video conferencing: no way.

@liw well they're clearly not using a google product at any rate

@liw “The Ferengi are hailing us.”
“Uh… we can't, they're using a proprietary codec and the licence isn't compatible with Federation law.”
“Can we install it anyway? Under one of the diplomacy directives.”
“Nnnooo, looks like we'd need to upgrade the ship's processing core. Or maybe downgrade. Possibly both.”
“Ah screw it, just open fire.”

@ersatzmaus @liw Yes this is actually a problem since the Ferengi offer a product which is called Bridge 365 which includes all kind of software like video conferencing, flying in formation etc. The problem is that the federation has high concerns as it is hosted in the Ferengi cloud and due to Rule of Acquisition 10.

@liw closest I can think of is how in the latest season of Discovery Pike talks to Number One about how the holographic comms system is nothing but trouble and how they're going back to good old-fashioned viewscreens

@liw and the replicator always works and prints at the correct device

@lufthans @liw The replicator can produce, perfectly, any object or substance except whatever the crew _really_ need this week.

@liw Silicon Valley, on the other hand, portrays video conferencing so accurately 😅

@liw what’s Klingon for “can you hear me well?”

@liw classic bikeshedding IMHO. I find the inertial damping system and the heisenberg compensator the most offending tech in Star Trek ;)

@liw at least in Star Wars there are a huge lot of interferences in holos. That’s realistic

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