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Let me send out some mad appreciation to whoever at #GNOME came up with the "time's-up bell" sound that the GNOME Clocks app uses.

Because it catches your attention, is clear, and yet does not cause you to have fatal heart attacks — unlike the timer bell on my phone, for example.

btw I'm happy and humbled we won a Mozilla MOSS award for MNT Reform. I pitched for it at the Open Source Speed Dating event in Brussels on the FOSDEM 2020 weekend. More info soon, I guess.

That feeling when you install Debian to your laptop with your installer.

It's quite sad when someone misbehaves badly in a project, and gets expelled from the project, and then spends literally years lying about the project, harassing the project and its members, and generally being an arsehole.

I'm thinking about security isolation in continuous integration engines. I wrote down my current thinking. What do you think?

Hello Mastodon! I wish you a fantastic day, and I give you... Well, not a puppy, but something almost as great:

Important PSA for people living in the US: The FCC has been forced to reopen public comment on the Net Neutrality decision following a court case by Mozilla. The influx of bots (suspiciously using the names of telecom subscribers) that were anti-Net Neutrality has caused this. The FCC is trying to bury this, and very few are reporting on it.
To (re)file your thoughts on the FCC's decision, go to Proceeding 17-108 is Net Neutrality. This ends in March.

If you're looking for a tech job that helps fix the problems that you see around you, please join us:

Tell me what you like or hate about email.

@liw Of course! I know a little Finnish too: Ilmatyynyalukseni on täynnä ankeriaita... publish your board minutes and voting member list. You're a public charity, you owe the community transparency.

I used to know a little German, but it's now reduced to one sentence: Eine kleine tasse Schokoladenschnitzel mit Bananenkartoffel und Kabelsalat auf der Hauptbahnhof, bitte.

Lesson learned: even if your MCU is single-core, your #firmware single-threaded, execution may still become non-linear.

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Days I've been resisting rewriting a program from C++ to Rust: 2

As a Dutch friend put it: "Denmark, Sweden and Norway have been playing a game of thrones since way before it was cool"

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