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Saying goodbye to @outreachy, GSoC and other interns, looking back at how much code's been written and looking forward to some great #FOSS events this fall with member project communities and staff.

it's sad Microsoft is doing good stuff in OSS right now, because they remain responsible for the evisceration of the promise of personal computing for profit and until they stop doubling down on that it's pretty fucked up to work with/for them

just forked the process library

ok, this is the only time in the history of github I'm gonna be on board with its "fork" term

Nerdfrens: how have the big 90s "cyberpunk" books aged over the years? Like William Gibson, etc?

It's pretty popular on the Internet to laugh at how the future was depicted in movies and TV from that era; I'm just curious how well the lit comes across now — without the instant burden of the visual arts' costume & FX factors.

For those watching the #Apple event and planning how to give them more money, a reminder:

Just 11% of Apple's annual revenue could completely end world #hunger each year.

#FoodForThought #ZeroHunger #AppleEvent

AT-AT: automated tool for acceptance testing.

(Just playing with different name ideas.)

My team is hiring: #Paris-based #postdoc researcher wanted to analyze the #SoftwareHeritage archive at scale, for several use cases revolving around software provenance tracking. Learn more at:
#research #jobs

Observing people to use what you've built is humbling and educational. I should do it more often.

Case in point: I designed something that is meant to be OK for colour blind people to use, and when I asked a friend who is colour blind to try it, they found a whole bunch of other problems.

The structure where the best career move in academia is being able to attract funding, rather than achieving excellent research or contributing to a nourishing environment where others can grow and do excellent research, is damaging both short-term and long-term.

After a couple of days of practising with the keyboard: I like it, but the thumb keys (incl. shift and space) and the palm keys are a little awkward. I keep pressing the palm keys by accident.

Maybe I need to try another position for my hands?

We're thinking of "Subplot" as the new name for Fable. Anyone know of existing software using that name?


Stupid people DDOSing Wikipedia are stupid.



Not always successfully. I have had a number of jobs where I've had to use or write proprietary software to make a living. But it has always felt wrong.

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I first read the GNU manifesto in 1985 or 1986, via a BBS. I had very limited access to BBS calling, since they were all a long distance call away. I was basically teaching myself programming by reading books and occasionally downloading text files over a 1200 bit/s modem.

I also had almost no access to any community of programmers.

But the manifesto had a huge impact on me. It has pretty much decided much of the direction of my life. I've spent much of my life to software freedom.

When one's employer requires one to use proprietary software, it never fills one with joy.

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