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I just managed to typo "program" (as in, computer program) as "problem", and I am entirely satisfied to leave it as is.

@liw I've gone through various forms of cuisine. Started with Indian, moved through Chinese, now onto Mongolian.

I'm in need of a new naming scheme for computers. It's embarrassing to log into ...2 and reboot it, when you meant to do that to ...5.

I've settled on Finnish heavy metal bands for physical computers ("bare metal"), and fictional computers from film for virtual machines.

Wikipedia has many, many lists. Does that mean it's actually a LISP?

I was out walking, lost in thought, and paid little attention to where I was going. Imagine my surprise when I found myself in the Library of Unwritten Books.
I wasn't allowed to read any of my own unwritten books, but I read one of yours.
It was really good. You should write it.
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

bemused by criticisms that the open letter by technologists to US lawmakers regarding crypto goes beyond purely technical analysis

too many of technology's ills are a result of technologists having tunnel vision and not considering the impacts and ethics of technology

@JonYoder You got me thinking in more detail why I reflexively avoid #Python now, despite the fact that I wrote two large programs (#OfflineIMAP and #pygopherd) in it, and published a book about it. 1/

Applications are still open for the developer position at one of my clients. Remote (with very occasional travel to Manchester), £28-40k, full-time, UK only. Deadline: 18th June. #developer #php

My bed. My pillow. My desk. My keyboard. My chair. My monitors. My teapot. My tea leaves. My mug.

Ahhh. It's good to be back home. Spent a week abroad, doing Rust training and attending the OpenPGP Email Summit.

I much prefer being at home, but sometimes it's necessary to travel. And it's good to meet people sometimes.

RT @slava_pestov
BeOS had all sorts of useful APIs. We need to go back

Another quick question for people who speak and write in languages other than English: Do you get upset when people use translation software to reply to your posts if they are not native speakers/writers? Why or why not?

If y'all could boost this post so that I can get more responses from people who speak/write English and at least one other language, that would be great! #CommunityDevelopment

The mobile phone signal inside this Faraday cage is abysmal. Where can I complain?

I keep realizing that younger me always goes for the low cohesion, strongly coupled short cut. Younger me is an idiot.

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