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A cool result from - virtually all code review tools present devs with their list of files to review in alphabetical order, so most devs review those files in alphabetical order. Turns out, this is dramatically suboptimal.

In practice, code review is significantly more effective if devs deliberately review the tests first, and most complex files next - alphabetic ordering of files turns out to be an ill-considered default that performs very poorly.

My latest startup pivot is a tool to prevent time zone and daylight savings time errors. It will be a boon for international organizations and online conferences. Contact me to invest. Serious offers only.

Anyone have any tips for installing zoom on a Debian-based system in a VM? I already hack the .deb a bit but honestly I don't want to install this software outside a sandbox

One of my most popular artworks on twitter. Which is funny because I spent like no energy on it at all yet it accidentally nailed the perfect composition for ppl to like it. #art #MastoArt #digitalart #tiger

michgian politics, hate 

I have two regrets with this speech. The first is that I'm not in her district. The second is that she didn't have a microphone to drop at the end of this.

This is how you deal with hate speech.

Hey, if you are new here, and need a (temporary?) avatar, I updated my page with all my generators: cats, birds, fenestars and abstracts, have fun!


👏 Protocols, not platforms.
👏 Communities, not corporations.

It's super-useful how all sorts of bigots come out of the woodwork suddenly. *plonk*

i love & support my friends who are black!! :blobcatheart:

i love & support my friends who are trans!! :blobhearttranscat:

also, saying slurs is mean and not even close to a funny joke :blobcatglance:

i hope this clears things up :blobcatlove:

Apparently it has become common for funeral homes to stream services exclusively via Facebook Live to anyone that likes them.

This might be an entirely new low in surveillance capitalism exploitation.

Do you know people in New Zealand who'd like to join Mastodon? Point them at Cloud Island! We'll give them a good home 🙂

I wish someone told me that RISC-V systems had a standard bootloader for Linux, like PCs have in GRUB.

@averyada @weirdwriter An option you always have is to say "caption in reply" and reply with a caption. Replies with captions are also great for very detailed images that beed a description that's too long for alt-text (alt text can get cut-off for sighted users with images disabled, since the text must fit in the image container).

Instead of boosting an image lacking alt-text, I reply with my own alt-text. It has a similar effect and also gets the original poster to think about captioning.

If you're wondering why few people are boosting your images, that's because you didn't add alt text to your uploaded image.

I just released version 0.0.9 of

"opgpcard status -v" now shows more details, if available, including: "touch policy" (does using a key slot require touch confirmation?) and "key information" (was a key imported or generated on the card?).

"Octopus 1.3.0 is Released" - new version of Sequoia's alternate PGP backend for Thunderbird.

I've always said that CoCs aren't worth the paper they're written on: as a doc meant to build community trust, the enforcement team is FAR more important than what's written on the paper.

CoCs aren't radical anymore. Just having one isn't a shortcut to trust and accountability.

New development iteration for Subplot, a tool for documenting and verifying acceptance criteria of software.

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