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I can install GNOME with my installer. That was nicely painless.

It might've been easier and faster for me to write this benchmark tool in Python than in Rust, but it would not have been nearly as much fun.

Today is a good day to remember that lying has consequences, and that a society where people don't have mutual trust is unstable.

4min45s from starting an install, with full disk encryption, via reboot, until I'm logged in via SSH. On a Thinkpad X220 with a SATA SSD for storage. Not bad.

It's amazing how hard it is for your bug fixes to fix bugs, when you forget to push your changes before deployment.

Happy new year. I don't know about you, but I've been using Linux as the sole operating system on my personal desktop and laptop computers since 1992, so this promises to yet year 30 of Linux on the desktop for me.

is almost a new year, mew

thank you all so much for being so nice to me this year. am a very very lucky kitten. i appreciate all of you so much!! :blobcatheart:

i hope you all have a safe and happy mew year full of warms and softs and tasty treats and luvs :netkitty_w: you deserve it!

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💡 Hot tip

Open source projects will be super happy if you help improve their documentation

"The linear nature of time makes feature development much more frustrating"


Step 1: I want to know if this program I wrote actually uses all CPU cores when running. I'll just run it on an input data set of 27 GiB in 1461661 files. That'll be a good workout.

Step 2: Why is my computer so sluggish in interactive use? How do I kill my test run when it takes ten to twenty seconds to for any key press to be reacted to?

If you get an option for two lessons:

Every sufficiently complicated system will have at least one "what the hell were they even thinking?!" feature.

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TFW when your benchmark runs impossibly fast, and you don't see why.

I've just renewed my yearly support to @conservancy as a sustainer of their work. If you care about digital software freedoms, I recommend you support their work as well:

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