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A lot of frustrations about computing come from feelings of a loss of control and agency.

Those areas reflect work we *should* do more work on! User empowerment through less gatekeepers, better user experiences, technology that works for *people*, communities.

We can do better!

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Obviously I've never done that. Well, not more than once. And I didn't publish it.

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There's good code, and there's code that's hard to understand. And then there's self-modifying recursive shell scripts.

It's that time of the year again.

I've been using Linux for about 30 years. Mine was the first installation, given Linus didn't install it on his computer, he grew it on top of an existing Minix install, replacing it piecemeal.

My first contribution is over 30 years ago, about April, 1991, the sprintf (now snprintf) function in the kernel.

It's been a fun ride.

Every now and then I am annoyed at how slow Ansible is. Then I remember that if I used bare metal hardware, it'd take orders of magnitude longer to set up a new server, than running two commands, and I'm mollified.

From the "not enough time for everything" dept:

I'm putting into a "selfish maintenance mode". I'll maintain the software to the extent I need it, but won't be spending time to develop new features or debug problems I don’t see myself. I will review patches, however, so if you want vmdb2 to improve, make a change and submit it for review.

Walter suffers a terrible curse that turns him into a small cottage every time there is a full moon

Walter is a werehouse

About the only food I can make is pancakes, and I'm not terribly good at that. Mine are a little crepes.

hi! My name is Maggie Hess, I live in Bristol TN, and I am a poet and artist. I am new to Mastadon. Look me up on Amazon! I have 30 books there.

Took some time and set up a space to aggregate and curate scientific communities and topics on #Matrix. It can be hard to find good, serious communities relevant to your interests, so this is my initiative to make it easier.

It has subspaces for natural sciences, #mathematics and computer #science (which also has a subspace for programming languages), as well rooms such as "Ask Science" and "Philosophy of Science".

For anyone interested, you can find the space via this link:!lBZPyclsQiWAwbHjT

Boosts are welcome. Would be nice if this could be a thing, especially given the experimental support for LaTeX in Element's composer it could be of some interest to scientific communities.

Some days I just don't like computers and they don't like me.

I am looking for (f/m/x) in Berlin who can help us with electronics rework from time to time (freelance/mini job). Required skills are clean (de)soldering THT and basic SMD components, diagnosing basic problems with multimeter/osc, testing hardware, handling customer repairs. Contact:

Today has been a good day and a bad day. On the one hand, I've apparently won in a lot of lotteries. I've not done a proper sum yet, but the total is at least several billion dollars, and some in bitcoin.

On the other hand, I've received so many notifications of lottery prizes that my mailbox is full, and I need to send my passport to someone to clear it up.

(This is a joke.)

Please note:

KITTEN.EXE does not have settings. It does what it wants.

RSS is not dead, but Google sure tries to make it so.

I'm disappointed at how rarely people laugh at the standup meetings I attend. It's as if people aren't even trying to be funny.

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