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cargo flamegraph is a delightful way to run your Rust binaries as normal, but see a flamegraph of runtime performance!

this thursday and friday (june 3/4), MNT Reform and its prototypes will be exhibited by industrial designer Ana Beatriz Dantas as part of Berlin Design Week at MotionLab Berlin:

(negative COVID test required at entrace)

I had a nice experience today with a blood-sucking lady. Also, voted in the local elections.

I am, once again, feeling too old for this sh.

It's Sunday morning. A great time to drink calmly a pot of tea, reflect on the human condition, and trigger all CI jobs to make sure they still work.

Recurring offer reminder: I'll help / mentor / teach / tutor / troubleshoot with anyone who wants to learn git for basic version control, collaboration, managing personal projects, or for a day job. I'll work to connect people with mentors other than me if they prefer - no need to explain why.

Same for bash, command line tools, and so on.

I want using & contributing to FS/OSS to be easier for way more people.

Boosts appreciated!!

#gittutors #git #help #teaching #troubleshooting #ohShitGit

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My mind keeps linking these two facts together:

• Only 28% of patients are able to complete the list of their symptoms without being interrupted by their physician. (Cf. Marvel, M K et al. “Soliciting the patient's agenda: have we improved?.” JAMA vol. 281,3 (1999))

• Victor Lustig, the fraudster who “sold” the Eiffel Tower, listed “being a patient listener” as the first commandment of con men.

Let's not be surprised if people who are in distress shun the doctors and turn to quacks.

now this is a good twist. one that is completely irrelevant from the main storyline.

if you encourage other to cite a paper, is that incitation?

I want to get into pen testing. Possibly fountain pen?

Past me: I can't be bothered to make sure this code is tidy, and that the commit history can be bisected, future me will deal with it, it's fine.

Present me: I don't like you, past me. I really don't.

The world's 125 poorest countries (2.5b people) have received zero covid vaccine doses to date. The 85 poorest countries project vaccination in 2023/24. This is #VaccineApartheid.

It's not that poor countries can't make their own vaccines. The Global South has a *lot* of vaccine production capacity. The problem is Big Pharma, which refuses to transfer the patents and know-how to repurpose those facilities for mRNA production.


Overall it'd be nice of the free and open source software world would have less drama the rest of the year. It's starting to get in the way of world domination.

That was a lame joke based on a current event. I don't agree with the event, and I fear what will result, but relieving my angst via lame jokes is what I do.

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Any system that stores passwords should be audited with regards to how it stores the passwords. Whether the system operates for profit or not.

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It should be mandatory to have a third party audit any system or service that stores or processes Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for profit. At least annually.

When I worked at credativ, we often added "this uploaded has been sponsored by $customer" (or similar) to debian/changelog when we fixed things for customers.

Added note that apparently FreeBSD has a tradition of doing this, though without a pseudo-header.

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