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Any single entity that thinks they can protect a huge pile of valuable data forever is as naive as I once was.

We must stop taking the easy road or picking things based only on their UX.

Learn to use decentralized systems and teach others or the free internet won't survive.

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implemented a little menu on the keyboard OLED to make system control functions more discoverable (design not final, and video shows keyboard/laptop with prototype parts)

The Oculus VR team intended to protect users on their network from excessive surveillance and abuse.

They sold to Facebook, who told them they would carry that vision forward and never require Facebook accounts.

Facebook changed their mind when they saw value in the data.

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Many trusted all the Apple marketing on privacy.

In China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong we saw apps and emoji used for dissent were banned, rooms on private networks like Telegram were pressured to be banned, and encryption keys for iMessage/iCloud were handed over to the CCP.

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Many trusted their data and social graph to VK in Russia under a benevolent dictator that fought for their rights.

The Russian government saw him replaced with someone more ethically flexible and now they control those systems.

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The Internet was built as a kind of decentralized democracy. Change is slow and messy but it protects us from a single entity forcing their will on us.

When you move your data and social graph to a closed platform you vote for authoritarian rule.

Such choices never end well.

Eep! Can we @conservancy
find 64 more Supporters (or fewer if they give over the regular amount) in the next week? Help spread the word! #NailBitingTime #NonProfitLiving

Shoutouts to the tech companies and VCs taking their courageous, principled stands at precisely the moment that it's too late for courage or principles to matter.

I think the world could do with a backup interchange format. Wrote a blog post about it.

uspol, swearing 

Having woken up and read the news, I wish to express myself using some swearwords in various languages.

Finnish: Vittu. Perkele. Saatana. Jumalauta. Helvetin kuustoista.

Swedish: Sjutton också.

English: Fucking fuckers fucking fuck.

Captain Haddock: Anachronisms! Caterpillars! Diplodocuses! Iconoclasts! Livy-livered landlubbers!

That's all I can muster right now. Have a good day. Be safe. Be gentle.

#playvicious social, the black led instance in the fediverse has been switched off a couple of days ago, and we wrote a statement as the moderation team of weirder earth about it.

it is a huge loss to the fedi and we realized too late that more solidarity would have been needed. we say goodbye and thank you for everything you did.

read it here:

#fediverse #WeirderAdmin

Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

My laptop audio stopped working.

Is it muted? No.

Does restarting pulseaudio help? No.

Does rebooting the laptop help? No.

Is headphone cable attached? No.

I never did finish my MSc in computer science.

got mom a 3d printer for xmas and today she very proudly showed me the cloud-shaped box she's printed to put flash drives in so that she can keep her data "in the cloud"

I've created a project blog for Obnam, the backup program. It has no interesting content yet, but do subscriber, if you want to hear about Obnam news.

Every donation, no matter the size, helps EFF meet our challenge of welcoming 6,000 donors before 2021. Join today and help us all reach a better future for online privacy, security, and free speech!

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Nothing kills a side project faster than coming back to it six months to a year later and not remembering how to build, test or deploy it!

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