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I think the world could do with a backup interchange format. Wrote a blog post about it.

uspol, swearing 

Having woken up and read the news, I wish to express myself using some swearwords in various languages.

Finnish: Vittu. Perkele. Saatana. Jumalauta. Helvetin kuustoista.

Swedish: Sjutton också.

English: Fucking fuckers fucking fuck.

Captain Haddock: Anachronisms! Caterpillars! Diplodocuses! Iconoclasts! Livy-livered landlubbers!

That's all I can muster right now. Have a good day. Be safe. Be gentle.

#playvicious social, the black led instance in the fediverse has been switched off a couple of days ago, and we wrote a statement as the moderation team of weirder earth about it.

it is a huge loss to the fedi and we realized too late that more solidarity would have been needed. we say goodbye and thank you for everything you did.

read it here:

#fediverse #WeirderAdmin

Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

My laptop audio stopped working.

Is it muted? No.

Does restarting pulseaudio help? No.

Does rebooting the laptop help? No.

Is headphone cable attached? No.

I never did finish my MSc in computer science.

got mom a 3d printer for xmas and today she very proudly showed me the cloud-shaped box she's printed to put flash drives in so that she can keep her data "in the cloud"

I've created a project blog for Obnam, the backup program. It has no interesting content yet, but do subscriber, if you want to hear about Obnam news.

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RT @simonw
Nothing kills a side project faster than coming back to it six months to a year later and not remembering how to build, test or deploy it!

for i in $(seq 100); do echo -n "$i "; chronic ./check; done; echo

It's really helpful when people actually write out content warnings instead of using abbreviations.

Not everybody knows that "mh" means "mental health," and that's only one example! It's even harder for people who aren't fluent in the language the poster is using.



@jmtd I sample the global timeline occasionally but I don't follow it in general because it would be too busy. Mostly at this point I grow my follow list organically from boosts and such by people I'm already following.

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The Obnam project now has an IRC channel and a Matrix room. Software isn't ready to be used for anything real, but progress consists if taking many small steps.

In each episode, EFF’s Executive Director Cindy Cohn and Director of Strategy Danny O’Brien are joined by a guest to examine how the current system is failing, and to consider different possibilities for solutions, and imagine a better future.

Unix is quite terse: commands should output nothing, they does need to. This is because the physical interface was originally a "teletype" terminal, a sort of electromechanical typewriter, where what the user typed was sent to the computer, and what the computer output was written onto paper. These were slow, compared to modern terminal emulators: order of 10 characters per second.

To get a feel of what it was like, see these videos.

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