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Accessibility in practice.

QT mrjd1984: Hospital: you didn’t attend your appointment. Me: I didn’t know about it. Hospital: we sent you a letter. Me: I’m blind and live alone I asked you to email me. Hospital: okay will email you. Get the email, it’s a scan of a letter... Great. Thanks for that


QT MissRubyRousson: “Accessibility is a human right” shouldn’t be controversial, but it is.

This looks amazing

QT CaraOcobock: Niece asked for science kit, but disappointed with pre-made kits. Compiled my own.

28 experiments. Each has: a goal, materials, methods,what’s happening explanation, what kind of scientist uses this in real life, & example of woman scientist

DM me if you would like a copy

"ERROR: build FAILED" should not be the last line of build log, when the test suite passes and everything is actually OK.

Your tests pass. Excellent!

Do they pass ten times in a row? A hundred? A thousand?

Congratulations to the World Food Programmer for the Nobel peace prize.

WPF's annual budget is around 8 billion USD.

Jeff Bezos increases his wealth by more than that each year.

Just saying.

imagine legally changing your last name to "Firstname"

old man yells at cloud 

when i was young, wikipedia and smartphones didn't exist

the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy postulating that you could have a handheld device giving you instant access to relevant knowledge about anything was literally science fiction

now it's my job to help run one

Meta, various discourses 

I think those of us who create software tools for the fediverse or other online communities should probably pay more attention to the sorts of social problems that our users encounter, and work towards supporting the human use cases

In principle I am for having my computers show time in UTC by default. In practice I have no idea what time it is.

Much of what we think we "own" online like books, movies and music is actually a form of leasing from Amazon, Google, Apple, etc. These companies may mislead people to believe they own the products they pay for. They may have no idea that their viewing, reading and watching is surveilled.

Working with our members of Congress and other legislative bodies to legally define the word "Buy" and force companies to use "Lease" instead, could help people understand what is really happening.

📝 Yours truly interviewed on Uses This.

In July this year I was approached for an interview. I was humbled by the idea that someone might care to know how I do what I do, and to be on there among the likes of John Gruber, Graham Linehan, and hundreds of other amazing artists, writers, designers and other individuals.

Be sure to check out their archive and categories. There's almost always something to learn from or think about!

An issue is not a bug report. A bug report is not a task.

who do i have to venmo to get an emojo of marx wearing the lampshade from the "communist party" woot shirt

(honest question, is there someone out there who could do this for me?)


(Never use an unexpanded acronym unless it's generally known)

New EFF job in the house! If you're a web dev and want to do good in the world, please apply:

Note that this has a good chance of being a remote-friendly job.

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