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The online voting vendor Voatz wants to make all software insecure by preventing "unauthorized" security research.

The term for "authorized" security research can also be called "marketing".

Google removed K-9 Mail from the Play store with zero notice because the description of the app included alternate spellings of the app name we'd included to work around how bad Play's search is.

Is there a cooperatively owned eBook platform? Similar to #Resonate?

(Boosts welcome!)

#Coops | #Coop | #LearnLog

Did some home office re-arranging. Got a shelf (made by a friend) under my desk to hold power supplies, an ethernet switch, etc. A 12-way power strip is fastened under the desk as well.

There's two monitors, on cheap (but functional) arms, two laptops (personal and work), a Keyboardio Model01 split keyboard, two headphones (one for conference call, one bluetooth noise cancelling one for doing household chores).

Only one mouse.

Cable management is not super-neat, but good enough.

Happiness is cables of exactly the right length and a large pile of velcro cable ties and re-usable cable hooks that can be attached under a desk.

I need to re-do all my home office cabling, after a friend built me an under-desk shelf for switches, PSUs, docks, etc.

aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh computers are just weirdly shaped rocks that think aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

Error handling is often note tested, in unit or integration or other automated tests.

By an amazing coincidence that nobody could ever have anticipated, error handlingb is also often buggy.

Quarantine and Memory 

Something I’ve been thinking about lately and want to share:

Make sure you do something outside of your normal routine every week. Go somewhere you’ve never been or do something you’ve never tried, and spend time at it.

Our memories don’t record monotony for the same reason musicians don’t save the recordings of practice sessions for advertisements.

It’s extremely helpful to your long-term memory to do something different each week to use as a milestone, if nothing else.

mutilated lyrics 

I'm walking in the rain, just walkin' in the rain,
What a frozen feeling, I'm moist again
I'm glaring at clouds so dark up above
The wet's in my bones and I'm ready to dry
Let the stormy clouds chase everyone from the place
Come on with the rain, I've a hole in my shoe
I walk down the lane with a limpy step
Just walkin', walkin' in the rain
Cursing in the rain, I'm wet again
I'm walking and cursing in the rain
I'm cursing and walking in the rain

New captcha for my future web application.

f'ing finally: tips on mask wearing, from a woman who wears a niqab

(background: 2 of Canada's [very few] WOC editors moved to Canadian women's mag Chatelaine and are doing their thing) 🐘

Call for help, OCAP 

My fiancee was on a call on a videoconferencing platform yesterday and the room she was in was intruded upon multiple times by people who came in and caused trouble.

This was a women's group and they were exposed to pornographic images, sounds, threats, etc. not just once, but many times over the span of one hour.

This makes me think that for the Free platforms, we can and must do better. I have a plan and would love some help!


10! seconds is exactly 6 weeks, unless there are leap seconds, or changes for Summer time. But yes, other than that, exactly 6 weeks.

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