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Commits in a merge request should tell the story of how you'd make the change the second time, armed with all the knowlege you gained from doing them the first time.

The story should explain how to get from here to there in the best possible way, not how explorers accidentally found a new contintent while looking for a shorter way to India.

i was punny as a kid but it's not so cute now that i'm a groan woman

@nolan >Tech Enthusiasts: Everything in my house is wired to the Internet of Things! I control it all from my smartphone! My smart-house is bluetooth enabled and I can give it voice commands via alexa! I love the future!

>Programmers / Engineers: The most recent piece of technology I own is a printer from 2004 and I keep a loaded gun ready to shoot it if it ever makes an unexpected noise.

Erm, last Friday of July is only next week.

I can't seem to tell Google Calendar "last Friday of July", only "fourth Friday of July". Bummer.

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Yeah, Mastodon is certainly better than Twitter, but you know what would make it even better?

If Mastodon got end-to-end encryption for DMs before Twitter did.

Some days I feel like advertising is just weaponized FOMO.

Other days I feel like advertising is targeted misinformation and disinformation, intended to confuse people and wear down their defenses.

All the time, I feel like advertising as it exists is bad.

Reminder that (now) Professor Katherine L. Bouman led the development of the algorithm that captured our first picture of a black hole. She wrote a dissertation on taking pictures of black holes, she wrote software to take pictures of black holes, she was the person who named the algorithm based on her work, her name was first on the paper that described the algorithm, and then her software took a picture of a black hole.

She's not an astronomer, she's a computer scientist and electrical engineer, and she isn't a lone genius doing this in a garage, she's part of a global team of people from many different disciplines. There was a dozen people contributing code to the project. But she isn't a random team member that got attention because she was cute, she is in a very direct sense responsible for creating that picture, more than Elon Musk has ever sent a rocket to space or created an electrical car.……

computer grousing, subtype networking hardware 

the vendors of nice things are why we can't have nice things.

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As a user of liberating software, free culture works, or user-respecting online services, it's common to want to contribute back but not know how. One contribution anyone can make is to send a message to the maintainers telling them a few things you like about it, thanking them for their work. It's easy to remember to complain about bugs or missing features, but like everyone, creators need compliments too, especially when they are volunteers.

Did you know that #GDPR allows sites not to announce the use of "essential" cookies? Meaning those your site uses for itself, to keep the user logged in for example.

So when Internet commerce started to slap those stupid "we use cookies" banners on every site they used the more generic word "cookies" to avoid saying outright that their sites use *ad trackers*.

Long story short, if you don't sell your user data, you don't have to present stupid disclaimers.

I don't usually care too much about typos, but accidentally writing "mkfs" instead of "fsck" was a bad one.

youtube-dl is one of my favorite pieces of community-maintained open-source software. Despite the name, now works on many sites – youtube, vimeo, even Twitter. You do "youtube-dl URL" and it figures out how to get you a local, offline copy of the video.

We're hiring a #postdoc to work with @swheritage, @Inria and @MSFTResearch on large-scale #reproducibility in software engineering.
Full details and application instructions at:

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