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"forever" n. comuter science: user waited at least 3 minutes but no more than 9

I don't understand Latin. That's just the famous quote by Cato the Elder changed to refer to Facebook. "Moreover, I consider that Facebook should be destroyed."

All latinists will probably cringe at the bastardization.

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Ceterum censeo Facebookem esse delendam.

Facebook's deactivation of accounts of journalists and activists, while allowing similar content from politicians, is clear and continuing evidence that it dangerously privileges and creates exemptions for those already in positions of power

Our book club with Daniel and Mark discussed Zettelkasten, the note taking discipline du jour.

Software developer self care is also fixing horrible error messages that make you lose so much time to avoid being bitten by it again and avoid other failing into this too.

Remember: if something is hard to debug, it's 95% of the time because you don't have the good information because it's not given to you.

Like good documentation, good errors messages save HOURS to so much people while it's not the funniest thing to do, it's one of the most important.

Had to spend about 20 mins on the phone convincing someone at the hospital that yes, I do have two middle names, and just because your shit software can't handle that doesn't mean it's not true.

The European Commission must be transparent about their relationship with Palantir - who's business practices are seriously concerning, we've documented some of their abuses here:

Free software is political, and we're not here to obfuscate this.

We stand in solidarity with Black people around the world. No justice, no peace.

If you need tools to obfuscate your online communication, Tails might be a tool to help you with that.
Learn more about it here:

Tails report for May, 2020:

Increasingly, humanity doesn't pass its acceptance tests.


Datashards: Have a standard for storing and exchanging data securely. Can be static or dynamic data.

@liw This feels like a useful challenge for software projects. So often I have to go hunting for those 25 words, which are actually 100s of words scattered around the web site.

cloud-init: Automatically find or retrieve and apply configurations for a server of VM so that one base image can be used for any kind of server.

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Everything takes longer than you'd expect.

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Lars and friends