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"Server-side rendering is not a fallback; client-side rendering is an enhancement."

I would further and say client-side rendering can be (not "is"), a performance optimization for subsequent page loads (and offline). It's only a net-win if you invest non-trivial effort (SW, streams, race network, handle long-lived tabs and cache misses to old JS, etc).

In almost all other cases, it merely produces a slower, less usable, less available version of itself.

by @adactio

Thank you all for your kind words and support as I've worked on this.

My instance is live.

Welcome to Cloud Island. A Mastodon instance for New Zealand.

I'm collecting stories from those facing #WFH #Remote work arrangements but who don't have the space or ability to easily or productively do so.

If you haven't already done so, please send me a message. #t

I'm not sure what app causes this pattern, but every once in awhile I see a little kitty trying to peek over the zero line.

@netkitty is that you?

Regarding the previous boost of @liw, the linked discussion is also great food for thought about getting the most of project history with revision control systems. Alone the link to conventional commits at the end (cf. below) is gold.

Reading helps me to think. Writing helps me to think clearly.

I'm bored. Let's run backups and watch that happen.

Just read and enjoyed it a great deal, and saw the way I think about git reflected in it very well. I'm often frustrated by other developers not seeing how powerful git can be for expressing changes, and I think I'll share this article with folks in an effort to help them understand.

(My personal pet peeve in this vein currently is that we squash-merge in cloud-init; my beautiful commit messages destroyed in an instant.)

(found via, thanks @liw )

I sometimes wonder: Unix has zombies, but no vampires or werewolves. What does this tell us?

This reminds me, I've not taught anyone how to write manpages in years. Maybe I should? is hopefully still reasonably accurate.

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When written well, manpages are an awesome form of reference documentation.

That often doesn't happen, though.

(Manpages do not need installation instructions or the full changelog for the program. They do need examples, including the simplest possible way to use the program.)

If the only way to notice an error in the output of your testing tool is to either see the colors or grep for specific patterns, your testing tool is making things needlessly harder.

I'm SURE I could come up with some use for the the little-used keys on my Keyboardio keyboard: prog, LED, Any, and butterfly.

Yes, it has a key marked "Any".

This needs some thought and inspiration.

Hey everyone! Sometimes the communities here on Mastodon can feel a little sparse, so let's fix that and make an artist thread where we can find each other, and let others find us too! Recommend me your fav artists here on Mastodon!

Check below for my own and others' recommendations! Post links to your friends, or promote your own art!

Then boost so everyone else can see them too!

If a protocol is open but so complicated only the reference implementation is usable it's not actually open
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