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@liw I'm really tired of this at work. Lots of "I really like this technology, we should use it for something" with no reasoning behind what actual problem would be resolved. And when questioned, just respond with "but it's so great!".

I had occasion to look up the truisms we (or Daniel) wrote for the Yakking blog. I still think they're a good read, so I'm spamming you all with the link.

Before suggesting a solution to a problem, it's usually best to first describe the problem.

"Let's start keeping spare change in a glass jar on the kitchen table."

That might be an excellent solution to spare change getting lost and making the couch uncomfortable. It's a really bad solution for debugging a build problem in Rust.

Those receiving the suggestion will have a hard time responding without context. Don't assume they can deduce or guess the context. That way likes misunderstandings.

There's treating people like objects. There's cheating on your wives. There's defrauding people financially. There's asking foreign powers to help you get elected. There's lying thousands of times a year as president.

And there's being nakedly evil, like trying to prevent much of humanity from getting access to life-saving medication.

@maricn @liw It's 2am and the system is failing. I don't want to be digging through git commits and old tickets... I want clear documentation that tells me how things work.

Good places for project documentation:

* project web site
* project source tree in README
* anywhere referred to explicitly from the above

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Bad places for project documentation:

* blog posts
* mailing list archives, public
* mailing list archives, private
* private emails
* chat logs
* commit messages
* closed tickets
* open tickets
* letters to the editor, published
* letters to the editor, unpublished
* people's heads
* cave paintings
* DNA of custom bacteria
* interstellar probes
* value of pi

cool, we're actually having more conversation in the libreplanet hallway track than the irc channel

so my thing kinda works

English "be a man" = be tough


Yiddish "zay a mentsh" = be kind, be generous, do the right thing

We would love to do a show about the threat of the EARN IT Act (S. 3398).

Are there any experts on this topic who would like to be part of a discussion on this topic?

Things Covid has proven:

1. The job you were told couldn't be done remotely can be done remotely

2. Many disabled workers could have been working from home, but corporations just didn't want them to.

3. Internet is a utility, not a luxury.

4. Universal healthcare is a necessity.

I hate Zoom and its stupid requirement for a nonfree plugin in an age when we have webrtc that works just fine.

We've reached 11h31min of daylight time per day. I feel like I'm starting to wake up after The Darkness.

@craigmaloney @liw my mnemonic will be "ssh Gee I wonder what config this connection would use"

Surprise! We can't have a shiny new GNOME release without a shiny new release video!

Special thanks to Chris Rogers, @o0karen0o and @freehive for their hard work.

Sometimes I think about having some custom t-shirts made. Current list of ideas:

* My code is running RIGHT NOW on all continents, in space, and on billions of devices.

* Fuck the patriarchy

* Profession: jet lag

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