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Nice :-)

> GNOME's Disk Usage Analyzer does the same thing more graphically and visually

Do you know about `ncdu'?

Favourite command today:

sudo du -hxd1 | sort -h

Find out where disk space is being used under the current working directory, without crossing mount points, sorted by size.

GNOME's Disk Usage Analyzer does the same thing more graphically and visually, but sometimes a command line is preferable.

Anyone making the arguments Apple made in this case needs to be tarred, feathered, beaten, and fired. Out of a cannon. Into the sun.

#law #employment #apple

Is there also a kibitab? And does that mean to have 1024 tabs or one with open?

@liw 0.018, but i risk hitting 0.050 on any given workday, which is demonstrably too many.

I'm currently at 0.015 kilotabs in this browser.

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Today's word: kilotab, meaning having 1000 browser tabs open at once.

@brennen helped us improve the structure of the Subplot website a lot. Thank you!

And then I added a kitten.

Spreadsheets are usually the wrong solution for anything where you care about correctness.

Unless I've missed something, and there are unit and integration testing frameworks for spreadsheets?

The DNS system as it now exists is just a way to extort money from people who needs domain names.

i know i'm always asking you to feed me, but pls don't forget to feed yourself too, mew

You still can weigh in on the license approval, btw. The license is not approved until the Board officially reviews it. That's scheduled for our next board meeting, happening this Friday, Feb. 14.

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The Cryptographic Autonomy License is one step closer to being approved by the OSI board, having been approved by the review committee.

I think this is a big mistake, though I blame myself partly for not weighing in previously. I will be spending time over today and tomorrow writing why I think this is "a big mistake with good intentions but potentially disastrous results"

The @OpenSourceOrg License Committee has made a recommendation to approve the Cryptographic Autonomy License, Beta 4

In an international organisation, I find it a best practice to express timestamps using explicit day of week, unambiguous date (either YYYY-MM-DD or writing out the name of the month), and times in both UTC and local time, with the two time zones expressed explicitly, and possibly both using a common name and a time zone offset from UTC.

For example, right now it is Monday, 10 February 2020, and the time is 16:20 UTC or18:20 EET (UTC+2).

It's a bit repetitive, but that helps notice mistakes.

Fingerprint casts used to circumvent Aadhaar

Fingerprints are weak security; with modern 3d printing are trivial to fake. (That also has some, but different, implications for evidence considerations too; most notably, fingerprints can be planted.)

The "server-side rendering" trend is great (aka: serve a web page), but when the goal is progressive enhancement it's easy to mistake the technicalities for an end result.

Serving HTML and doing something in JS is not "progressive" nor "enhancing" if the HTML is unusable by itself, with visible-yet-nonfunctional UI elements, requiring seconds of interaction-blocking JS execution before it is scrollable and clickable.

Blog post by @adactio

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