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You still can weigh in on the license approval, btw. The license is not approved until the Board officially reviews it. That's scheduled for our next board meeting, happening this Friday, Feb. 14.

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The Cryptographic Autonomy License is one step closer to being approved by the OSI board, having been approved by the review committee.

I think this is a big mistake, though I blame myself partly for not weighing in previously. I will be spending time over today and tomorrow writing why I think this is "a big mistake with good intentions but potentially disastrous results"

The @OpenSourceOrg License Committee has made a recommendation to approve the Cryptographic Autonomy License, Beta 4

In an international organisation, I find it a best practice to express timestamps using explicit day of week, unambiguous date (either YYYY-MM-DD or writing out the name of the month), and times in both UTC and local time, with the two time zones expressed explicitly, and possibly both using a common name and a time zone offset from UTC.

For example, right now it is Monday, 10 February 2020, and the time is 16:20 UTC or18:20 EET (UTC+2).

It's a bit repetitive, but that helps notice mistakes.

Fingerprint casts used to circumvent Aadhaar

Fingerprints are weak security; with modern 3d printing are trivial to fake. (That also has some, but different, implications for evidence considerations too; most notably, fingerprints can be planted.)

The "server-side rendering" trend is great (aka: serve a web page), but when the goal is progressive enhancement it's easy to mistake the technicalities for an end result.

Serving HTML and doing something in JS is not "progressive" nor "enhancing" if the HTML is unusable by itself, with visible-yet-nonfunctional UI elements, requiring seconds of interaction-blocking JS execution before it is scrollable and clickable.

Blog post by @adactio

Poll, using github vs not github 

Let's say there is a floss project you like to contribute code to or even help maintain. You look for the repo and discover it's on Github. What is your reaction?

Repeats welcome

The most difficult part of developing software is figuring what, exactly, it should do. This is best captured in automated tests, when that's possible.

Writing the code is comparatively trivial. With an excellent automated test suite, rewriting from scratch also becomes feasible.

@liw @bjarni I have a sticker that protects my laptop from viruses. 😉

Hey, does anyone know of an indigenous or otherwise endangered language a keyboard layout has been designed for, but isn’t available on Linux? I would like to learn how to make keyboard layouts, so I’ll do it free of charge.

Boosts welcome!

Count votes on paper ballots. By hand.

a software professional

Please share, I'm looking for help on upcoming projects for The Recompiler -- paid positions for editing, print and ebook design, and research support

Our very first Toot! Last weekend at #FOSDEM, quite a few people came up to us to ask why we weren't on here. Well, here we are! Hello Mastodon! :)

Jet lag does fun things to my brain. Today I can't stop thinking about nuclear Zeppelins.

uspol, iowa, software engineering practices 

So, serious question I don't have the stomach to investigate myself: has the development firm ("Shadow", iirc) committed to releasing a public post-mortem?

Today for once I actually feel like I have the spoons to read about US politics, and yet I still want it CW'd ("uspol", by convention). I'm glad to see a lot of people doing this right.

regular reminder that image descriptions are there to help visually impaired users.

they are most definitely not there so you can write misleading descriptions. you can still make the description funny, but if it doesn't function as an accessibility aide, you fucked up.

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