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PSA: The feature we used to call "autocorrect" is now called "autocorrupt."

You're welcome.

@liw @Greg my sister had a moat, and come to think of it also redid her kitchen cabinets at some point

theory confurmed!

when is social media going to implement the "take your friend aside for a time and gently help them work through their anxieties and traumas that are putting them in a place of hurting and being hurt" user story

@mntmn Note: I know there are a couple of things that are mildly blobby, and that the hardware itself is not completely libre when it comes to the board, etc. But to be fair, pretty much nothing is yet, and the MNT Reform I think is the best path towards such things: once we have a design that we can use for daily work where we can swap out components fairly easily, maybe that's a foundation on which better components for some of the low-level stuff can be built.

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First sleep after flying for 11 hours and seeing the sun rise from the west was hour hours. After not sleeping on the plane, this feels inadequate.

Hello jet lag, my old friend.

i have a very efficient metabolism i can sustain myself for days on a single boost

Maybe browsers drift naturally towards a monoculture state because web standards blow and web development sucks.

Seeing Google AMP artifacts in URLs about the danger of a Chrome mono-culture, feels both incestuous and a bit telling about the state of that battle for the open web.

after realizing how much my web browser was spying on me, even before I visited any website at all, I said #NoToChrome and switched back to #firefox happy to see I am not alone

From birdsite:

Derek Fowlds has passed away.

This tweet has a link to a clip with one of the best ever sitcom scenes:

Thanks to dkg, the first user of Sequoia has entered Debian sid! sqv is a gpgv like tool, but it more closely matches Debian's requirements. Exciting times!

Palantirs: Interconnected communication devices which were rolled out with no thought for security.

#tolkien #iot #security

Anyone want a badass senior release manager, experienced in F/LOSS? Bay Area/Remote. I'm so proud of my work at Mozilla, shipping Firefox to hundreds of millions of people around the world. <3

@Greg @liw i sometimes think that anyone who intends to embark on a software career should be forced to spend some time as an implementation detail of some grinding, miserable office bureaucracy beforehand. does wonders for perspective on all the people who will one day be subjected to your work...

Some professions work hard to put themselves out of work. Examples: doctors, sysadmins. Can you suggest more?

oh I didn’t toot this pic of MNT Reform 2 beta doing business

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