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Interestingly, this problem doesn't exist on my work laptop, which is otherwise the same software and configuration, but X11 instead of Wayland.

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I mostly use the US keyboard layout these days, but I have the Finnish layout also configured in GNOME, because sometimes I need to write Finnish or Swedish. I've disabled the GNOME keybinding for switching layouts, but there's an alternate binding that I keep typing by mistake sometimes: shift-alt. I can't seem to disable that, and it's annoying. I'm happily typing code and suddenly I can't type {}[]\;: and other symbols that are on different keys on the layouts.



The best remedy against ransomware is backups, backups, backups. Don't trust the IT department to keep your work or school projects safe.


Wrote the first test scenario for Subplot to test itself.

I've found my first pet peeve about Rust. Functions should be defined using the 'fun' keyword, and not the boring 'fn' keyword.

transphobic harassment in FOSS 

Oh goodie my daily dose of FOSS toxicity delivered right to my Debian inbox.

> Is it fair that individual volunteers are expected to be meticulous in their use of pronouns for our transgender friends ...

Yes. Yes, it is. Without exception.

#Debian says TRANS RIGHTS.

Started writing a Subplot document to get Subplot to test Subplot. I'm about to disappear into a nullity created by my brain recursing too deeply.

Subplot has reached an important milestone: it has generated a test program that tests the things specifies in the Subplot input document.

Do I know anyone who is, or knows a good electrical engineer, willing to help design a #MechanicalKeyboard or two (or three...), and take them to mass production?

Position available for residents of Europe. Remote or local in Valencia, Spain.

Boosts appreciated. Feel free to poke me for more information either here or via email at

Be safe, everyone, everywhere. The global situation is tense, but let's try to be kind to each other, as a species. At least for this weekend. is what I cooked up quickly. It doesn't break long lines in listings, but I can probably live with that for a bit.

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I need to figure out a good way of reading a lot source, like most of the source in a project.

Traditionally, this has involved a printer, a few pens and highlighters, and a large desk, but that's wasteful and not an option any more.

I could read on a monitor, or maybe on a reMarkable tablet, mabye.


Just 12 more days to get your gift to Conservancy DOUBLED. Everyone must be able to choose software that doesn’t spy on them, software that can be tailored to their needs and software that respects its users -- and we need YOU to help us all get there.

Running out of disk space on my personal backup server. Might be time to drop daily backups from two years ago.

Was thinking about the problem of accidentally using dependencies that have incompatible copyright licences in my free software projects. Avoiding that tends to be tedious work, and, worse, needs to be updated whenever the licence of any direct or indirect dependency changes.

So I thought: can this be automated? I think the answer is "maybe, at least partially", but I'd need a tool to check licence compatibility.


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