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One of the really difficult problems in computing is formatting HTML or other rich text into plain text, which can't use fonts and colours. How do I know this? After many, many years, Google is still unable to send calendar invites via email, where the plain text part is readable. Google is too big and too lucrative for them to not fix this, if it was feasible. It's clearly beyond human technology.

I can't say I understand most of the model01 LED modes. Some are pretty, but I'd like something to help me be more productive.

One gets interesting typing accidents when using a keyboard where h and enter are next to each other, or b and esc.

When computers are involved in the inputs you experience, the outputs you produce, and your reasoning process, the distinction between those computers and you blurs considerably.

Increasingly, not having user freedom means not having agency. This work is critical.

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I have software to render project roadmaps visually. See for an example. The visual representation is no good for someone who can't see. i'd like to also generate a textual representation that is easily comprehensible to someone using, say, a screen reader.

If you use a screen reader or other assistive technologies for using a computer, and have time and energy, could you read and give me feedback? I expect it to take 10-20 minutes.

40 wpm is too slow for me to work productively. I keep getting distracted by an urge to think of shorter words so typing is less of a bottleneck.

But I'm getting faster, so there's hope of reaching the stratospheric spheres of 60 wpm that i can do with a normal keyboard and Finnish qwerty layout.

I'm trying to start using the Model01 keyboard as my primary keyboard now. I'm still a slow and erratic typist on it, but good enough to at least try.

Expect less output with more weird typos in the coming months.

Privacy experts recommend changing your birthday every few years to protect your privacy

Ehy @cwebber

Mattew Garret posted an interesting thought on his blog

It' s about what could or should be achieved through software licenses and what the pressures are today

I found it on the spot and I'd be interested in reading your impression about that

One small step in the roadmap: there are now Subplot .deb packages.

Hacked, kludged, fudged packages with no chance of ever getting into Debian. Good packages will have to wait for a Debian developer to take on the task.

I don't think it's OK for adults to be dismissive of young people's worries about the future. Or worse, critical, or even outright hostile.

I do my best to avoid doing that. Not really a young person any more, and frankly not very optimistic about the survival of the species.

Any species.

ukpol, ranting 

When I was (much) younger than I am now, and read about then-current and historical British politics, it seemed to me to that British MPs and politicians were witty, smart, polite, and gentlemen.

Not always nice people (cf. Thatcher, Churchill).

I've since lived in Britain for a few years. I no longer think that.

It seems to me now that most British politicians are uncouth football hooligans at best, and that's probably an insult to hooligans.

Current PM is not a gentleman.

Now that I am awake, let me once again wish everyone a good Stanislav Petrov Day. On which we remember that on this day in 1983 a Soviet soldier, at the cost of his job, exercised his common sense and prevented an accidental nuclear war.

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Via is a rideshare service in NYC.

They seem not to grok that "it benefits us" is not a justification for invading my privacy.

@liw @JordiGH Indeed. The system is rife with abuses and the powers that be show no desire whatsoever to fix things (or even admit that there's a problem).

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