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What's a good typing tutor? Free software I can install on my Debian machine, or online service type would both work.

Re-learning to touch type is less painful on a Model01 than it was learning it originally on my father's portable, mechanical typewriter, Olivetti something I think.

At least if I miss a key my finger doesn't plunge into the keyboard and get cut up by sharp mechanics. Far less bloodshed this time.

This morning I tried updating the firmware on the Keyboardio Model 01, but it failed, both the Arduino IDE and the Chrysalis GUI tool. But avrdude on the command line worked.

Aha, got it to work by keeping keyboard upside down and pressing the key many times.

Now I just need to learn to type. I'm sure it'll be easier than in the 80s with a portable typewriter.

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Got a Keyboardio keyboard today. Everything is perfect, except the O key doesn't seem to register keypresses at all, and I wil also need re-learn how to type.

I seem to have an addiction to watching progress reporting: even when I know the thing will take hours or days to complete, I keep checking it many times, whenever I have a minibreak from work.

rsync --P and parcel tracking services, and similar, are the death of my productivity,.

@liw You've probably seen this already but:

“Life is not a ledger. Your sins can't be paid off through good deeds. Your good deeds are not cancelled by your sins.”

Best not to put people on pedestals or otherwise idolise them, because people always disappoint and it's worse if you held them in very high regard.

Best to see people as they are, celebrate the good they do, and lament or criticise the bad.

Relaying request for help from my friend, who works on for ():

Dear Lazyweb, Is anyone here (a) interested in crypto (b) prepared to work in Windows (c) at least aware of or interested in Rust and (d) fancying working with a Rust project to add support for Windows' Crypto-Next-Generation API ? If so, hit me up for a project idea.


in the past, it was common for people to write software for purposes other than helping tech companies monetize their users more effectively

#history #fact

@liw I tend to use an X lower than 10. 3 to 4 is really healthy!

Today is a good day to not be contemptuous.

If the ratio of compensation between lowest and highest paid in an organisation is move than X times, something is wrong. The value of X can be debated. This morning I'm grumpy and set X=20.

A software startup business model based on advertising is obsolete and harmful.

Most software projects would benefit from a security review.

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