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Dear Libre Lounge Listeners,

It appears many proprietary podcast aggregators can't handle both mp3 and ogg in the same feed, and lots of people say they can't listen to the show, which prevents them from becomming Free Software supporters.

So we're moving Ogg Vorbis to a new feed starting next week.

We'll announce again.

If you don't care which format, or prefer mp3, nothing to see/change/do.

Saw this on /r/traa

Literally was thinking about this the other day, listening to science podcasts. People love to talk about how there are two sexes so there are two genders and that's just fact. But the world is SO fucking weird, and the number of species that are hermaphroditic or something else entirely is very significant

#Python 2 reaches End of Life status on January 1, 2020. Lots of institutions haven't even heard about that, much less prepped for migration. Changeset Consulting has just started working with the PSF to get the word out better about the sunsetting.

Things I've done today that I hadn't expected to do: checked where to find new floppy disks to buy.

trump, data deletion 

Startup idea for Monday morning: Tinder, but for feet and shotguns.

Example: this line of YAML in a config file is wrong:

client_id: controller

This is correct:

client-id: controller

Took me a while to see the problem.

I'm haunted by 12765 details that all need to be right to get this thing working.

I have no excuse. I made the software myself. I thought I was good at simplicity, but I was wrong.

There seems to be a lot of hate online for JSON Web Tokens.

My dog used to chase people on a bike a lot. It got so bad I had to take his bike away.

I think I could fit a Finnish layout onto the physical keys of a Model01, and not have too much trouble. I think I could live without separate function keys.

But it's a lot of money for a keyboard.

Other worries I have: price; volume the sound of typing; no mouse (trackpoint or touchpad), although an external mouse should be fine.

To summarize the Finnish sub-discussion: I don't even know if Keyboardio supports a Finnish keyboard layout well, but it probably does.

I should probably stop wanting a Keyboardio keyboard.

I received a "thanks for your open source projects" email this week! :)

I receive these once every year or two, and they're lovely. If you have really benefited from an open source library or tool, telling them can brighten up the author's day!

When I was a student I used LaTeX and got used to creating reasonably well typeset documents with almost no effort at all, after the initial learning curve.

In my middle age I use Google Docs to write documents, because it's the easiest way for co-workers to comment on them. The documents are ugly, horrible typesetting. Also, the writing experience is worse than typing in BASIC listings into a Commodore 64.

Me, weeks ago: I'll follow all the people who seem interesting.

Me, last week: The flood on my timeline is overwhelming, I'd better unfollow a few people.

Me, this week: Boy, the fediverse is quite and boring now.

Portland folks!

I was accidentally shipped an extra copy of The Algorithm Design Manual by Skiena.

Are you interviewing for tech jobs and would like it (free)? Preference given to those who are underrepresented.

Can a kangaroo jump higher than the Empire State Building? Of course. The Empire State Building can't jump.

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