My wife's film is getting screened in Tallinn, Estonia, at the PÖFF film festival, in theatres and online. I am so proud.

@penguin42 If nobody is ever held liable for data breaches, will anything ever improve?

@diffrentcolours I wish that was the case in practice, but I've not seen any cases of that happening.

Leaks of sensitive information is a problem. It's been happening repeatedly for many years, with no improvement in sight. Would it help if the C-level management of the organisation from which data leaked were held liable with fines or jail time? Or even sysadmins? What about programmers who wrote the code?


echo 'main = print $ let y = z + 1 ; z = y - 1 in y' > foo.hs
ghc --make foo
foo: <<loop>>

haskell speed always being underestimated

I'm disappointed: an infinite loop in a program takes a long time to execute. I though it was supposed to be a fast language!

Going to meetings makes people unhappy.


QT WIRED: Research has shown that meetings correlate with a decline in workplace happiness, productivity, and even company market share. Can tech, like automated scheduling tools and facial recognition that measures who’s paying attention, make them better?

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RT if you were part of that tiny 1993 bar.

Ok, hear me out:

When I used Amazon Prime (through my browser), my laptop would get really hot. I took it as the way streaming works and such.

Now I'm using the stream from my cloud and, even if it is getting hotter, it is nowhere NEAR as hot.

And I bet I could get even less hotter if I played the songs locally.

But what's the difference between Prime Music and my cloud?


DRM not only is bad for you, it's bad for the environment.

See also: being a lawyer. The more you read, and the more experience you gain, the more nuance and imprecision you see.

QT EstOdek: Science communication is spending 20 hours reading 50 scientific papers so you can confidently say “according to the research we are in fact not 100% sure”.

"Cattle, not pets" is one of the mantras of modern devops style system administration. However, experience shows that computers are not cows, they're cats.

Have you ever tried herding cats to get them to go somewhere they don't want to go?

Some days, when I"m extra grumpy, I think that anyone elected to public office should go to jail for a year after leaving office.

Does anyone know a freelance documentation writer, ideally familiar with GNOME and the GNOME documentation tooling, who may be available for a short project refreshing the end-user documentation for Endless OS, contributing to the GNOME documentation in the process? Give me a shout if so!

@Hamishcampbell Weirdly, I've not found it difficult to build stable, solid foundations, as long as I'm allowed to not give in to people wanting the latest and greatest of everything. Also, automating as much as possible.

But having people randomly rename hosts or upgrade operating systems on hosts? That's just depressing.

This may mean that any system with software is doomed to fail.

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Building complex systems on foundations that are unstable and change or break frequently is a fool's errand.

⚠️ Synapse Admins: Please upgrade to at least 1.20.0 to mitigate a denial of service vulnerability, CVE-2020-26890. For more information see:

h/t for reporting

info request re changing name and gender marker in the uk, boost please! 

hello!!! i am attempting a big project and would appreciate some input. i'm trying to cover the process of changing your name and gender marker with as many UK organisations as possible so if you've done this with for example, a bank/card provider, insurance company, utilities provider or on your vehicle log book, or anything else you can think of, and you can decribe the process to me, i would LOVE that! [cont. below]

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