I'm so damn tired. This is why I have problems trusting that proprietary software, no matter how effective, is a good solution to pretty much anything.


Sitting in a noisy coffee shop, plotting ways so I never have to travel again.

Question of the week: how rich do you have to be to afford a secure mobile phone?

@brennen Two spaces after a period is sort of acceptable in English on a typewriter.

Sort of.

Typographically it's more like 1.5 word spaces, depending on justification. Half-spaces are challenging on typewriters.

Best to let TeX do it. :)

Sign that I might be tired: I blink and half an hour has gone past, based on timestamps of IRC messages that happened during the blink.

What are some things that every computer user should learn? What things do you wish every computer user knew? What are some of the biggest benefits that individuals and/or society could reap if computer users learned these things?

Please boost, I honestly want as many serious answers as possible. Feel free to answer variations of the question for different levels of "computer users", such as programmers, office workers who use a computer 4+ hours per day, phone-only users, etc.

home loan/mortgage, bad webdev practices 

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Oh my god, this is beyond disturbing. The Bolsonaro regime has charged journalist @ggreenwald@twitter.com with "cybercrimes" for publishing stories showing widespread corruption in Brazil. nytimes.com/2020/01/21/world/a

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PSA: The feature we used to call "autocorrect" is now called "autocorrupt."

You're welcome.

@liw @Greg my sister had a moat, and come to think of it also redid her kitchen cabinets at some point

theory confurmed!

when is social media going to implement the "take your friend aside for a time and gently help them work through their anxieties and traumas that are putting them in a place of hurting and being hurt" user story

@mntmn Note: I know there are a couple of things that are mildly blobby, and that the hardware itself is not completely libre when it comes to the board, etc. But to be fair, pretty much nothing is yet, and the MNT Reform I think is the best path towards such things: once we have a design that we can use for daily work where we can swap out components fairly easily, maybe that's a foundation on which better components for some of the low-level stuff can be built.

@Greg In my experience, moats are inevitable. In 100% of cases where kitchen cabinets are re-done, moats happen. It's happened every time in my life.

(Once, but you can't argue with statistics.)

@Greg I should tell the story of my parents' house and how painting kitchen cabinet doors results in building a moat.

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