I'm selling a series of NFTs of a portrait of Charles Ponzi. DM if you'd like one.

I just learned that in GNOME Shell if you have two windows "snapped" to each side of the screen (left + right, taking 50% width for each) you can resize BOTH windows at the same time, adjusting the ratio of screen!

This is great for my side-by-side video call window and ZimWiki notes workflow (I like more space for notes ;) )!

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Somewhen recently I learned that there is a "standard" in Germany for sharing medical information with emergency services. It consists of a small green plastic tube with a sheet of paper that contains information about health conditions, allergies, medication and emergency contacts, which you put into your fridge, and a small green sticker that you put on the inside of your apartment door.
I like the simple, analog design, and I think more countries should adopt it.

teachers should get paid more than software developers

Cell phone service companies - 

@cstanhope I think you can certainly _expect_ better behavior from them. You're not going to get it, but you should expect it.

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Github has a couple of "fun" behaviours:
1) It links the email address in a commit to a github user with that address no matter who committed it
2) If a commit is pushed to a fork, it's visible in every fork (including the original)

Which is how you get

@liw discontent as a service. my track record is impeccable, everyone else i dislike is already a billionaire or running a major world government, don't wait to act! hire me today!

@paeneultima My father used to tell us children to not eat with our mouths full.

EU launches bug bounty programs for five open source solutions:

@obra Do you want the collapse of the universe? Because this is how you get the collapse of the universe.

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The US birth rate has increased again, as of the end of 2020 it's now approx. 0.598 Miles per hour.

My computer is not your billboard 

I don't consent to downloading, executing or viewing your ads. You are not entitled to my time, my attention, my computer.

I don't care how much you want the money. How much you say you need it. If you don't want me freeloading, put a paywall; I might not pay, but I don't object to being denied a webpage. I object to ads.

There are no acceptable or ethical ads. Ads are distractions, annoyances, disruptions. They interfere with people's work, fun, mental health.

@zwol I'll be curious to compare yours with mine, from 2011.

Though my conclusion today would be more strongly to not use C, period.

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