"The objection by the Chinese delegation limits Wikimedia’s ability to engage with WIPO and interferes with the Foundation's mission to strengthen access to free knowledge everywhere. We urge WIPO members, including China, to withdraw their objection and approve our application."

@brennen At this point I have to confess that I have a liking to occasionally do some informal stress testing of my tools.

Filesystems that can hold a billion files, even if empty, are an achievement for Linux already.

What is the fastest way to delete a billion files? It used to be that find was faster than rm, is that still true?

Is ext4 or btrfs faster?

That kind of thing.

A one terabyte disk image with ext4 and a billion empty files, xzipped: 11 gigabytes.

Same but with btrfs: 4 gigabytes.

In case you were wondering. has the scripts I used. I don't have a good way to distribute the images, at this time.

For more productivity at the team level, it tends to be better to concentrate on solving problems rather than looking for faults.

Especially in areas with earthquakes.

RT @halkeye
Screw chaos monkey randomly shutting down production machines to test resiliency

People should be given random vacation days to see what knowledge isn't distributed

“YouTube is about to age-restrict way more videos”

How do you verify your age? By creating an account with Google and signing in to it.

Which goes far beyond merely verification of age.

@brion @Greg I do that too. Also because I'd have to learn the expense system at work.

If you work for a non-profit that asks for donations do you:

(boosts appreciated)

@liw @brion You mean I can hang up the phone without driving to the switching station to pull out the card?

#Facebook says it may quit Europe over ban on sharing data with US - "enforcing the ban would leave the company unable to operate": what total rubbish, as they and we know. just keep your data in the EU, Zuckerberg, is that so hard to understand?

@brion I may have used mkfs, and VM deletion/re-creation, but now I'm afraid to admit anything.

@brion Wait, what? There's a hang up button?

Are you saying that it's not necessary to close one's entire browser to get out of a video call?

Mind blown.

I now wonder what else I've missed in computers. Maybe one can... quit vi without rebooting?

Clean up a git checkout without rm -rf and a new git clone?

Log out of an ssh session without bringing down the network connection?

Why hasn't anyone told me about these things before? My life has been wasted.

@joeyh English speaking countries haven't run into, conquered, and colonialised people with languages that have that word.

@liw Garbage Can Model, a/k/a "when you have a hammer every problem is a nail".

It's a form of availabilitty heuristic.

@Greg Hmm, maybe. You may have a point, though the times I experience this, it's usually not "}'ve done it this way" but "I would do it this way if I would do this at all". But maybe that's not enough of a distinction from mansplaining.

(Anyone who's actually implemented backup systems with rsync or hardlinked directory tree copies, has learnt why they're not good ways of doing them. Which is why being told, repeatedly, by different people, to do it that way is annoying.)

The XY problem is fairly well-known:

I think I sometimes encounter what I want to call "the XY solution": I am writing software to solve a problem and am using approach X to solve it, but other people know that Y is at least tangentially a solution to the problem so they suggest (or insist) that I use Y instead.

For example, rsync is good for copying files, therefore when I wrote backup software, I should've based it on rsync.

Anyone else find that familiar?


Look, universe, when I say "this year is horrible, everything is horrible" that was not a challenge and you don't need to try harder.

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