I was ranting about this in another forum, but I wanted to point out that The Sam Vimes Theory Of Economics applies to ergonomics. It kills me to watch people who type 40+ hrs/wk using OEM trash when the difference between the best keyboards money can buy amortized over the amount of time you'll spend hammering on them in their working lifetime - the difference between "this is a joy to use" and "somebody please help my body is dying from the inside" - is pennies an hour.

happy international women’s day! 💪

I'll do a painting demo live for the Matrix Foundation, don't miss it!
On Wednesday 2021-03-10 6pm UTC (7pm in Berlin; 6pm in the UK; 1pm in New York; 10am in California)
All info: matrix.org/open-tech-will-save
#krita @matrix

Kuntavaalien siirrossa ei ole kyse vain tartuntamääristä vaan turvallisuuden tunteesta - ja demokratiasta.

sundell.me/blog/2021/03/kuuma- #kuntavaalit2021 #politiikka

@Greg This sounds like a feature to slow down someone trying to guess passwords.

Cintiq or Intuos?...or both? Here is a new 5min video about the two tablets I use on GNU/Linux, and also the making-of an illustration for Framasoft and CHATONS 😺

Ytb: youtu.be/4sFEyzfRwi8
Ptb: peertube.touhoppai.moe/videos/

#krita #tablets

Just caught an engineer testing in production, so now on top of everything else I have to hide a body.

The idea that website owners have "a right" to track the clicks from their emails to you and to know everything about your journey in their system is wrong.

Imagine if you buy your child a bike - does the chain manufacturer have a right to know what time they use the bike and which friends they visit?

Of course not. We should stop pretending that websites are magical experiences that require persistent intrusion.

#Privacy is a right, even though it is far from being legally declared so.


QT tarah: For any app that asks for your Contacts list: unless you contact each & every person in your list & ask their permission to share their birthday, phone #, real location, all emails, & any notes you have on them w the app you want to install, do not click Allow. It is unethical.

@mhoye I read that as "Inbox Jira" and my heart skipped a beat.

(Been preparing a talk on GTD for my team at work today, so "Inbox zero" has been on my mind, too, today.)


This practice has been made illegal in Germany, it was called "Routerzwang" here, what means 'forced router use'.

They went even further and denied to give you your login data, which was only provided by the update protocol hardcoded in that router.

This practise been made illegal by law a few years ago in Germany.

And they are forced by law to give you the login data.

Hihgly recommended talk: "What We Know We Don't Know" about software development. Summary: we know almost nothing; code review in suitable chunks works well; lack of sleep, too much stress, and too much overwork ruin quality.


The most useful part of any significant software project is what you learn from doing it, as encoded in requirements, acceptance criteria, and test suites.

The source code? Pfft.

@ted I'-m envious, but mostly because I can't be bothered to do that for Obnam myself.

@n8 I'm not sure I understand: how would I focus on encryption, without also implementing decryption?

I'm planning how to implement encryption in my backup program, Obnam. Review is welcome.


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