Trying to be funny 

I just responded to a review comment with:

Ugh. I see the efficiency point, but ugh. This feels like it's way too low-level to be easily understood by future-me. Future-me is a dullard and a weakling, confused at the best of times and quick to anger. It's a good thing we can never be in the same place at the same time, or I'd be ranted at extensively.

Luckily, LWN doesn't follow me here so they won't quote that.

@neil They can't even spell the text right. They misspelled "We don't care about other browsers than Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Go away."

@brennen @krinkle Fair enough. I now feel even older, since I started using computers in 1984, and they've always been potential tools of evil to me.


How much does a rainbow weigh?

 — Not much. It’s pretty light.

rust + amazon, birdsite link 

If you saw Steve Klabnik's tweets about Amazon and are concerned about what's going on at the Rust Foundation, I wrote an explainer thread over on birdsite

@brennen @krinkle Thank you. You make me feel young by making me realize I'm not old enough to have nostalgia for old crap tech. :)

@bremner I do think the mail clients make accidental reply-all too easy, and that it would be possible to design their UIs to not allow that. In addition, mail servers could make it harder too.

I just need a decade and a boatload of money to fix this...

@bremner The mail system, and all its implementations, and all mail clients,l all seems to irrevocably broken.

When writing software, or debugging software, shortening tthe speed of the edit/build/test/examine/wtf cycle is one key element for higher productivity.

@davidrevoy Well that sucks. Producing free culture and tools for it is a good thing. I hope you are feeling OK. Humanity disappoints, sometimes.

@cstanhope Another format... I feel a little too jaded and tired to get excited about this.


QT torgo: Glasses with cameras in them that are wired directly into the world’s biggest super surveillance platform are not a good idea.

I am standing for election as a #Nominet non-executive director.

Here's an introductory blog post, which I'll update as I go through the process.

If you have questions for me, get in touch however you prefer.

Say what you will about Linux

I don't have advertisements in my file browser

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