I made some pancakes. They weren't very good: in fact, they were a little crepes.

One of the reasons I like the Keyboardio Model01 keyboard is the Any key in top left corner of the right half of the keyboard.

I've got one of these now. My job title includes the word engineer and I need to work up to that.

I started using the "Getting Things Done" (GTD) system in 2006. This was my first inbox. Took me a couple of days to process it all into projects, next actions, someday/maybe, and trash.

I'm not good with graphical design. Proof: a logo for the alpha version Subplot.

Did some home office re-arranging. Got a shelf (made by a friend) under my desk to hold power supplies, an ethernet switch, etc. A 12-way power strip is fastened under the desk as well.

There's two monitors, on cheap (but functional) arms, two laptops (personal and work), a Keyboardio Model01 split keyboard, two headphones (one for conference call, one bluetooth noise cancelling one for doing household chores).

Only one mouse.

Cable management is not super-neat, but good enough.

I was served this in the US in 2006. I wish I could get it at home, too.


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