I've got one of these now. My job title includes the word engineer and I need to work up to that.

I started using the "Getting Things Done" (GTD) system in 2006. This was my first inbox. Took me a couple of days to process it all into projects, next actions, someday/maybe, and trash.

I'm not good with graphical design. Proof: a logo for the alpha version Subplot.

Did some home office re-arranging. Got a shelf (made by a friend) under my desk to hold power supplies, an ethernet switch, etc. A 12-way power strip is fastened under the desk as well.

There's two monitors, on cheap (but functional) arms, two laptops (personal and work), a Keyboardio Model01 split keyboard, two headphones (one for conference call, one bluetooth noise cancelling one for doing household chores).

Only one mouse.

Cable management is not super-neat, but good enough.

I was served this in the US in 2006. I wish I could get it at home, too.


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