Random morning idea: stoves, ovens, irons, and other devices that can get dangerously hot if left powered on for extended periods of time could have a timer that turns them off after some time.

You want to boil some eggs? Turn stove on for 30 minutes, and it'll turn off after that time by itself, unless you push a button to add another 30 minutes.

I simulate this by setting a timer on my phone to remind me to turn the stove off, but it's not me-proof.

@liw Some places already have safety requirements to that effect: An office kitchen I used had its cooking plate wired behind a timer clock to comply with some rules.

@liw, don’t electric stove-tops have a heat sensor and the maintain the (approximately) set temperature? They’ll still burn your food, but at least not your house. Many of them and most consumer ovens also come with a timer.

If one is cooking at high heat (and thus a short period of time), the kitchen should not be left unattended. For any extremely host stuff in general, anything flammable flying onto it could cause a disaster, reducing the duration only decreases the chance. BTW the fixed timer would be too annoying when use needed for longer period and I wouldn’t be surprised if most people will just disable it permanently.

@liw my mother's stove from ikea has that feature (and horrible touch buttons), mine still has real knobs, but those make a timer harder to do in a nice way.

so maybe it is being done, only just in the new things?

This is commonly installed as part of adapting a home for elderly accessibility here, especially the stove timer.

@liw Our oven has a timer! Very handy. You must turn it on using the timer, and it makes out at like 90 minutes

@liw That's fairly normal for stoves and ovens to have integrated timers.

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