Would any free and open source software developers here be interested in a free "basics of Rust" online training course? Something like a four hour session on a Saturday or Sunday, or two sessions of two hours, one on Saturday and one the next day.

I do paid training on this, and this would be a way for me to help the FOSS development community, and also get practice, and a bit of advertising.

Respond if you'd join. Boosts welcome.

@liw weekends are unpossible for me, but otherwise absolutely yes.

@liw i'd love to brush up on my rust skills, but my weekends are unfortunately very much taken up by a smol child

@meena If you're improving your Rust skills, are you getting a little rusty or more polished?


@liw i have very minimal python knowhow, would this be too advanced for me?

@ae Possibly, but not necessarily. If I arrange this course, you're welcome to a spot. If it's too hard, you've at least given it a try.

@liw That would be interesting for me, yes. I have had a TODO on my list to learn enough Rust that I can call out to Rust from Scheme for performance-critical sections. Thank you for the offer!

@liw @meena jokes aside, I'd love to see Rust + kernel & Rust in systems programming - and everything far, far away from web3 & cryptobro nonsense.

@liw I'd definitely take 2 consecutive 2h courses, and'd be ready to pay, depending on the price.

@liw @algernon depends on specifics, especially timezone related

I'd be interested in theory but in practice summer weekends are busy times...

@liw Depending on time, I'd be interested. I have a few upcoming projects (FOSS, of course) for which Rust might be a good fit.

Dabbled in Rust before, but I'll happily forget the little I learned to start afresh with better guidance than "copy stuff from random places until it compiles".

@liw Nice idea, Lars, although I have found the "Let's get Rusty" YouTube channel has comprehensively covered most of the Rust Book topics.

What I would be interested in, as a C++ programmer, is how Rust handles scenarios where I would have used semantics like inheritance and polymorphism and exception handling.

I've not delved much into Rust coding but I've seen example code and thought "all those lines ending with .unwrap() can't be right, the coder must be missing something?".

@neildarlow @liw Result::unwrap is good for example code because you usually don't care how to properly handle an error in an example.

@liw I’d be interested depending on dates/times (I’m on EST so it could be problematic)

@liw I ought to learn Rust. :rust: I only do very simple scripting so-far though.

@liw Absolutely! I have over 30 years of C and C++ and have been wanting to dive into Rust for some time now.

Tentative-yes. I'm very interested but can't guarantee my attendance due to high levels of life chaos.

@liw always a matter of time, but yes for sure. ❤️

@liw Would join and then hopefully be able to start contributing to sequoina-pgp

@liw I'm interested, especially if you want to use FLOSS tools for the actual instruction/videoconferencing! I am likely less skilled in programming than a lot of the other participants so I can provide some calibration data to help you set your entrance requirements.

@liw I would love to get an intro to rust. Do you still have room for me? When and where?

@liw I'd be interested. Learning Rust is on my todo list for a while now.

@liw have done a small amount of recreational Rust, would greatly appreciate some training as we gear up to use it in SecureDrop! (Timezone-wise, currently in GMT)

@liw I've written some Rust before, but still interested to see some things explainee in another way.

@liw I have written some rust and really enjoyed it, but I am self-taught, and getting the basics from a teacher might really benefit me. So I would join, assuming I'm in your target audience!

@liw I'd love to attend and sharpen my Rust skills. I could invite some beginners to join as well.


I'm interested but I don't currently have a lot of spoons available. So I'd be a maybe, I guess?

@ArneBab Yes, I'll need to make some preparations. Might take a week or two. Watch this thread, and my blog.

@liw dunno if this happened, but if there's ever a course on "thinking in rust" I'd be interested. This whole composition thing isn't clicking with me and seeing how real world problems would be solved with inheritance vs with composition would be great. Especially examples showcasing where composition shines and where it doesn't with workarounds.

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