On "winning" social media 

I don't think the goal should be for the Fediverse to "beat" Twitter. I think it's okay if Twitter were to just go away (or not). The Fediverse can be its own thing without having to "win" or somehow "defeat" Twitter. Even if Twitter closes up and none of those people came here, the Fediverse is doing fine. Those users should scatter to the social media winds to meet their undoubtedly diverse needs. If some land here, great. If most don't, that's fine.


On "winning" social media 

@cstanhope The fediverse wins if the people using it find that they're happier because they're using it.

It's not a numbers game.

On "winning" social media 

@liw @cstanhope
although I do love when 'brr number go up' of federation statistics

On "winning" social media 

@liw @cstanhope @TheGibson yeah, that. Of course, to some extent, user count is _an indicator_ of whether people like it here or no. but that’s all it is. unlike a profit oriented social network, where Number Must Go Up or the investors riot, there’s no need to explicitly target it as a metric and do weird dark pattern crap.

In the end, if the only users were me and like 5 people I like talking to, that’d be enough users to make running an instance worthwhile.

On "winning" social media 

@liw @cstanhope not being dragged down by the :birdsite:-feed of doom is a huge relief in itself. Really happy with the fediverse so far

On "winning" social media 

@liw @cstanhope This. I'm still new here, but I think there's actually more to be lost by "winning" against Twitter than would be gained.

I don't want all the toxic people, right wing politicians and influencers here.

Let the fediverse be the home of those who don't want to be a part of that, all the brilliant, weird people.

Just people talking about what they want, not what they think they should want to talk about.

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