Apparently some companies in the UK are trying to market today as the most depressing day of the year. Meanwhile, today was the first day this year all of Finland had a sunrise. Take that for depressing!

@liw The UK campaign is a bit of an unfortunate coincidence given that it is observed as Martin Luther King Jr. day in the USA.

@bremner @liw It's abullshit piece of "research", you know the kind - with an equation with a bunch of _very_ poorly defined variables in it, which claims to measure/calculate something that has absolutely in no way been quantified.

The "Blue Monday" pseudo-equation nonsense gets trotted out every year.

@liw, now's the time to install Suntimes.

After you configure your location and altitude you'll get to have various widgets for sun and moon related events, but also statistics. My favorite is the one comparing the amount of suntime amout tomorrow and today. It's great to see how many more seconds of suntime you'll have tomorrow. I'm filled with joy for every extra minute shown in the widget. But yeah today I had "only" ~560 minutes of sun.

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