Debugging CI reminds me of stories of developing on batch mode mainframes.

@liw So much this. Hence, despite the fact that the Debian release team is pushing autopkgtests pretty hard, and the fact that about 1/3 of the #notmuch codebase is tests, I still haven't gotten motivated to debug weird issues from running the test suite in docker/lxc/whatever it is they use.

@bremner The difficulty of reproducing a CI build locally is certainly part of it.

@bremner And as you say, "just use Docker" is not always enough.

@liw @bremner If reproducing a CI build locally is hard, your build process should be simplified.

@be @liw The CI setup is the complicated thing, and it's not mine to simplify.

@bremner @liw

look, it's like this: If you've really thought through your CI workflow, it's not such a big deal to put it all on punch cards, ok?

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