OMG, it's 2021 and we're having a mistaken-email +reply-all storm at work. Not sure if people didn't use email pre-covid, or what happened...

@bremner The mail system, and all its implementations, and all mail clients,l all seems to irrevocably broken.

@liw Well, I'm sure you're right in general, but this seems like pretty straight forward human error. Unless you think it's the sort of human error that should not be possible of course. I mean, the tragedy and the beauty of a reply-all storm is that it requires many people to consciously choose to reply-all. And of course like all good "conflicts" it requires everyone to just shut up, which is not a common skill, apparently.

@bremner I do think the mail clients make accidental reply-all too easy, and that it would be possible to design their UIs to not allow that. In addition, mail servers could make it harder too.

I just need a decade and a boatload of money to fix this...


@bremner I admit this is a hot-button issue for me.

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