Programmers have, for some reason, problems with big vs little endian architectures and data. I think it was a mistake for CPUs to not choose an endianness randomly at boot time.

@liw "should CPU endianness be big or little? My compromise of counting bits outward from the middle was rejected without, I thought, proper consideration."

@liw Why have preference options when you could automatically switch between them?

you'd be surprised. most CPUs actually do that: they generate a single random bit and use that to pick the endianness for that session. the problem is that, after much debate on which bit value should select which endianness, most CPUs ended up with code that selects one endianness for one and not the other for not one. not a true story, but still...
but no, endianness is not confusing if you look at it from just the right perspective and orientation
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