My latest start up venture is all about making deployment faster. Currently the developer needs to save a file, commit to version control, and wait for CI to build, test, and deploy. I've developed a Linux kernel module that extracts the file contents from the in-memory buffer and conveys it to the production servers without any interaction needed from the developers. You can't believe how much faster it is!

Currently supporting Emacs, JetBrains, and vim, with support for VS Code in the works.

I would've tagged that with , but ran out of space. Sure I did.

@liw what if we join google docs and google code and github?

@liw Actually I did write a tool that monitor source files for changes and sends them to a test server. Similar to using sshfs or ssh-enabled editors, but the original files are kept local.

@liw I know a startup trying to decrease time from file save to production to milliseconds, you're on to something!

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