New password strength requirement: must contain at least 42 characters, at least five of which must NOT be included in the Unicode standard.

@liw Blast. Maybe I'll make up a secret language based on hand signals combined with tonal inflections .... but I'm pretty sure the IT department and it's password checkers would totally not get it...

@dredmorbius @liw hmm. Maybe I'll have to add telepathy and reading entrails to the password selection process...

@liw Is being in one of the private use planes good enough?

@ignaloidas I think not. If you can enter a character in the password field, so can attackers. The only secure way is for no-one to be able to enter the password to a computer.

@liw Ah, but how can they enter it if it's not on their keybord!

@ignaloidas Composition sequences.

I'm working on a Godelian non-terminating characterset.


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