Today I measured: our kettle for heating water for making tea takes three minutes to heat one litre of water from 18 °C to 100 °C.

That's not the fastest, but it's a pleasant pace as part of the tea making ritual. I don't think the meditative trance-like state I can enter after pressing the button to start the process would be better if it took one or two minutes shorter.

The steeping phase can't be sped up anyway. One waits, and contemplates the universe, and calms down.

@liw Did you measure the water temperature before and after, too?

@liw And the volume. Or did you mean that it takes three minutes to heat full kettle of water from room temperature to boiling?

@liw So is that a 2kW kettle then?
(100-18=82 degrees difference, which requires 341 J per gram, which is 341666 J=Watt seconds, divide by 180 seconds ->1898 Watt?? )

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