I'm not good with graphical design. Proof: a logo for the alpha version Subplot.

@liw you probably are (or could be) good at graphic design ....most people are capable of far more than living in the boxes we put ourselves into or the boxes others put us into. It's a matter of choice.

Until last night I had never done a canvas painting in my life. We had a team building guided exercise doing a painting. My effort below.

I once owned the domain name, so I'm guessing we're on similar wavelengths.

Point is, don't sell yourself short.

@eludom My immediate problem is that I really don't like the Inkscape UI. Every time I try it, it takes me a while to remember how anything works.

(Sorry, @ted)

@eludom @ted I guess what I want is a UI that contains a single button, labelled "DWLMBDKHTE",for "Do whatever Lars wants but doesn't know how to express".

@liw @ted maybe you should try just making some ASCII art instead :-)

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