My personal laptop runs Debian stable. It's boring.

Wonderfully boring.

@liw It reminds me of the old joke: Debian has three versions, obsolete, boring, and broken :-)

@liw My personal laptop runs Debian stable.

I find it very exciting.

@liw Personal and working machines run @elementary 5.1, feels the same: Stable and "wonderfully boring". 🙂

@liw it also has known bugs of the past 10 years that upstream fixed years ago ...

I've gotten wilder in my old age. I've actually install Linux Mint LMDE on a couple of machines.

J'adore le parquet, les papiers peints et les moulures de ma maison, mais je suis quand même bien content d'avoir des murs porteurs qui tiennent debout, même s'ils ne sont pas super funky.
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