My new hobby: getting rid of as many #dotfiles from my home dir as possible, by either moving them to XDG base dirs (~/.config, etc.) or just removing them (e.g., conffiles for apps I haven't used in 10+ years). I'm doing 10 at a time. I should be done by 2030.

@zacchiro You're optimising your home directory to make the following number as small as possible?

find -maxdepth 1 -name '.*' ! -name . -ls | wc -l


@zacchiro Mine is currently 91. It contains such gems as .nm-system-connections.tar.xz which I assume I've created as a backup of something a long time ago, timestamp is from before I got this laptop.

@liw i'm such a loser in comparison, I'm currently at dotfiles-364


@zacchiro @liw I know this is not a competition but I have a shameful 184. From what I see lot of them from software I installed and uninstalled , some even from 2007 , so some of those files have migrated from older computers.

@liw @zacchiro Wow, 108, more than I expected.

Wasn't aware that `find` had a `-ls` option. That's remarkably silly, even for `find`.

@clacke @zacchiro @liw Holy hell. 3049!! I think I might actually have everyone here beat.

Though, to be fair, most of them seem to be .bash_history-*.tmp files. Not sure why these aren't being cleaned up. But, I suspect those need to go.

45 without those temp files. ;)

@vertigo @clacke @liw oh, wow, you "win" hands down among all the people who reported back to me their starting point… /o\

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