Updated the Obnam website. There is a kitten and a roadmap now.

@liw Adding the kitten is a very smart move.

Reminds me of the dog on the home page of the monit project.

I'm sure it will help the project popularity. :blobcat:

@liw This is great news! I'm also happy that you are working on a new version of obnam, I was sad when you deprecated it. Congrats on choosing rust! I didn't find any description of how you plan to encrypt the data. Did I miss it? If you write something up, feel free to send it my way for a review. Finally, is there an irc channel?

@nwalfield I've not even started planning the encryption in Obnam. I hope people who understand this better will help, when I get there, but for now I'm at the stage of figuring out how to copy bits from one place to another in Rust. I'll ping you when it's time, thanks!

No IRC channel, yet. Could create one, I guess. More interested in a Matrix room, though. Not sure which one would work better for other people.

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