The MD5 checksum of 1 TiB of zeroes is e9f4a46687feb63c819abff3935ea5d4.

The SHA256 of 1 TiB of zeroes is 2f236f2140d22e400d6a39e697fb54deddfd28a09776c76ab4b8a28644780516.

The SHA515 of 1 TiB of zeroes is 50793726c35547c75e38ebd3e6f8c67223fa19c2b5f6e9d6d0f9afe2bd498a797079a6c8cff98297d2216608d79af0b4724751e5feca1df2f35f4569a296f434.


could be "conceptual art"
(in different context)

thank you

@liw thanks i will add this to my artisanal, handmade rainbow table

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